Tips for Sustainable Travel on Riviera Maya

Only a few percent of this world’s population actually is heedful of the sustainable tourism. Wherever you travel, your activities should not cause any harm to country’s heritage and its environment. This is what the sustainability all about.

A significant number of visitors travel to Mexico, particularly Riviera Maya for its astounding beauty. If you are going to this incredible place, you must travel responsibly so that the amazing jungles, cenotes, and reef systems are protected. Thus, you can take the following steps for green travel to Riviera Maya.

Tips for Sustainable Travel on Riviera Maya

Tips for Sustainable Travel on Riviera Maya

Choose environmentally friendly inns:

The sustainable tour starts with the booking in a resort where they cling to the eco-friendly policies. You will find a plenty of websites that provide information about such vacation rental properties. When we talk particularly about Riviera Maya, the main concerns are the health of cenotes and the system that provides fresh water to the whole region and to the water animals. You should do a little research on how the waste of the hotel is treated, and what do they do for making a sustainable environment?

Limit the laundry:

Almost 40% of hotel’s energy is consumed on washing towels and bedding. You can play your part in saving energy by making the use of your towels and sheets for more than one day. Ask the housekeeping staff or the hotel manager to refold your towel for more usage. They might have that system of doing the laundry every day. You informing them would be of benefit.


Municipalities in Riviera Maya are doing excellent work for reducing the wastes in dumps. They are providing recycling opportunities to the residents as well as to the tourists. Get informed about the recycling programs offered by the hotel. If there is no recycle system, reuse your empty bottles. Also, utilize the bins found in the town.

Responsible tourism:

There are countless things to do around Riviera Maya. Get your tour organized by utilizing the eco-friendly transportation system of the town. Playa Del Carmen has come a long way in this regard. You can explore the beautiful city with a bicycle free. You do not need to rent a car. Roaming around and exploring is more fun on a bicycle than a car. This will surely spice up your fun in the city.

Fishing in Riviera Maya:

Keep sustainability in mind when you are fishing, too. This is important for the future of fishing. If you are inexperienced, do not do it on your own. You can get yourself reserved with Playa del Carmen Fishing Charters because they are experienced and know all the tactics for a perfect attempt.

Once you are there, you must give a shot to deep sea fishing in Mayan Riviera. This is a beautiful place of natural wonders where you do enjoy not only deep sea fishing but also bottom fishing, the combination of deep sea fishing & bottom fishing, and the combination of fishing and snorkeling. Your private fishing charter would make sure that you get safe maritime travel. You can also get a board that is fully equipped with the things you need for fishing. The charter captains are very erudite and skilled. They will likewise guide you about the best fishing spots in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, and Calica.

The deal includes fishing tackle and bait, fishing license, snacks and beer, lunch on the trip of 8 hours, and professional and English speaking captain. They also have a refund policy. Give them a call for reservations.

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