Sustainable Transportation of Kayaks

When purchasing a Kayak, what most people fail to realize is that is it rather complicated getting the Kayak to the water. Most of the time it is heavy and not as portable as it always looks. Good thing is that there are kayak trailers that have come to the aid of that. They make it easy to transport the kayak from home to the shores. A kayak trailer can easily tow behind a vehicle and can carry any kayak regardless of the size. For brake lights, all that is required is a simple hitch and an electrical connection. Some of the best kayak trailers include:

Sustainable Transportation of Kayaks

Sustainable Transportation of Kayaks

Malone Xtralight Trailer Package with 2 V-Kayak Racks

If you are a dedicated paddler, then you would want to go for the Malone Xtralight trailer as it is one of the best kayak trailer you will find in the market. It comes with kayak racks, and .has a sturdy and solid constructions. It not only has two kayak racks but also a personal rack system. It gives so much value as compared to its price as its price is under $1000. Part of its great features include: five year warranty, galvanized wheels and steel frame, fenders, 275 pound weight capacity and 58 inch load bars. The trailer is also a good size since it can accommodate kayaks that are up to 14 feet long.

Malone Xtralight Base Trailer

This is more or less like the previous trailer but a stripped down version of it. You have the ability of putting whatever kayak rack that you want on the trailer since it gives you a great base frame but at a cheaper price.  It also features a 275 pound weight capacity, galvanized wheels, 58 inch load bars and can hold a kayak that is 14 feet long.

Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer

If you are looking for convenience and flexibility, then this is the trailer to go for. It is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to store and also have a feature rich mix of suspension. It is a great tow if you have a small car. Unlike the previous two with a bar of 58 inches, this one has a bar of 78 inches. It also has great security features such as locking levers that have keys to prevent theft. For additional convenience, it has a carrying handle that makes it easy to hook up the trailer to your car. In terms of weight capacity, it has a higher weight capacity at 300 pounds which is higher than many trailers. In addition to that it has heavy duty dual springs that can help your bot to ride smoothly. It also has shock absorbers for more comfort.

MicroSport XT Kayak Trailer

This is one of the best built trailers that you will find. Some of its great features include: Its build which is heavy duty, aluminum spoke wheels which are 12 inch and diamond plate aluminum fenders. If you are planning on a trip and you have a heavy load, then this will be the best bet for you as it has a weight capacity of 355 pounds.

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