Baby Steps Towards Sustainability

Many people have concerns about environmental sustainability. When you are planning to save the earth, you should start living with some green intentions and making sure the actions you are taking are helping you reach that goal! There are some important things that you can do to ‘lean to green’.

Driving a motorcycle is believed to be a better way of transport than driving cars. If you are using a motorcycle, you are going to save a lot of energy in your daily life. This transportation mode is considered as, if not totally green, more green than a car or truck, and is suitable for most active people. It’s new for a lot of people in the developed world, but in many developing countries, bikes and scooters are a way of life and the only way of getting around without getting stuck in hours of traffic (though don’t take all of your lessons from our friends in places like India and China…you definitely need to wear head protection, and not many of them do!).

This isn’t about totally transforming your life right now, but about incremental steps to make sure that when you make the changes, you stick with them. Motorcycles are not the final step, but why not make them the first?

Green motorcycling

Green motorcycling

1. Less gas consumption

This is the main reason why motorcycles are believed to be a green option for most people. Most motorcycles usually use less fuel than cars. They are using less powerful engine than any other cars that are available these days, too. Reducing your gas consumption can help you save energy for the future, and so with each ride, you will be doing your duty to the environment considering you otherwise would have taken a car. Oh, and did we mention that you can also save money when you are using a bike in your daily life? Less gas consumption, lower insurance rates, and lower maintenance repair costs means less overall costs for your motorcycle.

2. Less pollution

There are many studies showing this fact (though some people will twist various arguments and say that they are more pollutive…the fact is they use less fuel!). You should not worry about the air pollution when you are scooting around on your Yamaha. Most motorcycles usually produce lower carbon dioxide emission than cars, with many having very high quality emission control systems that help support their high quality performance. As a result, they are not producing many dangerous air pollutants, for example carbon monoxide, smog, etc. More information about pollution at

3. Can be washed easily

Vehicles should be cleaned or washed regularly. You don’t have to spend a lot of water for cleaning your motorcycle, and this is a fact that many people will overlook because it is a supplementary benefit, rather than a direct one. Most motorcycles require minimum maintenance and cleaning, so you’ll find that you’ll waste fewer resources, and it will cost you less (like we mentioned above). It is important for you to avoid cleaning your motorcycle excessively. You can save water and reduce the detergent consumption significantly.

When you are planning to use your bike, you should also purchase some additional accessories. There are some safety items that you should purchase, so you can protect yourself from any injuries. You should choose a helmet, probably something versatile and high quality like the Shoei Neotec Modular unit we really like. You also need to purchase some other accessories, such as jacket, gloves, mask, and some other important items. These items can make you feel comfortable when riding your motorcycle. These safety accessories can also save you when you are getting some accidents.

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