Making Sure Your Hose Reel is Sustainable for Your Home

There is nothing as boring as dealing with heavy uncoiled garden hoses and that is why you need a hose reel that is of high quality. A hose reel can either be in plastic, metal or fiber glass material. And is an easy solution of storing your garden hose. There are different models of hose reels, it can either be standard hand cranked model, and motor powered model, automatic model or spring models. If you are not the type for manually winding your hoses then the automatic retractable hose will be a good suit for you. Hose reels can also be grouped according to the water pressure rating, hose length and rewinding method.

In order to know the hose reel that will be sustainable in your home, it is good to know the varieties of hose reels in the market. They may include:

Wall mounted reels

As the name suggests, they are reels that are mounted on the wall. They save you the hustle of dealing with weight as they can be mounted on the wall of a shed or garage. They also save you the need of a bigger reel. They are more costly as compared to others but are very convenient.

Portable reels

This is suitable for those who are always on the move and prefer portability. They can be placed and used anywhere. To make them portable, they are mostly lightweight and have handles. They also have manual cranks in case you need to pull back the hose.

Making Sure Your Hose Reel is Sustainable for Your Home

Hose reel cart

This is best suitable for lengthy and chunkier hoses as compared to others. Most of the times it comes attached to a portable cart that makes it portable. It comes with ergonomic grips and braking systems.

In choosing the best hose reels, it is better to go for quality. High quality is made of high quality material that will make it very long lasting. Most will come with a hose guide, will have a great water seal and will ensure provision of an automatic retractable setup.

Maintenance of hose reels

As much as a hose reel will keep your space organized and prevent your hose from damage, damage cannot be avoided in some circumstances. In case of damage, you can either choose to do the repair yourself or take it to be repaired. Most of the time if you have spare parts, repairing is not hard. It is best to repair as soon as damage occurs to prevent even further damage. Most of the time, the damages on a reel are normally in terms of leakages or a puncture which is not complicated. You should also bear in mind that leaving the reel with moisture may damage it especially during the cold months as cold water can cause cracks and holes on the horse which may make it not to last long. The reel should be properly stored and inspection of the connections done from time to time.

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