Sustainable Bathroom Trends to Consider For Your Bathroom Renovate

Sustainable living is a pretty big movement and we are seeing some good results all over the world.  Countries like Australia and Sweden are known for their supreme recycling industries and pollution free landfills and even the hole in the ozone layer has declined in size.  It seems like all of the efforts of green enthusiasts is slowly starting to pay off but we are far from creating a healthy and completely sustainable world.

While you are converting your home and bathroom for a sustainable living you might as well invest in luxury as well.  Home life should be comfortable and luxurious after all.  If you cannot get enough rest and comfort you won’t be able to give it your all during the day to make the world a better place.

Here are a few sustainable bathroom trends that will give your bathroom a boost, improve your enjoyment of bathroom time and help you live a lot more sustainably.

Sustainable Bathroom Trends to Consider For Your Bathroom Renovate

Sustainable Bathroom Trends to Consider For Your Bathroom Renovate

Lighted vanity mirror

Lighted vanity mirrors are a pretty popular trend right now.  These mirrors allow you to see your face and skin a lot clearer so you can take better care of your skin and hair.  Modern lighted vanity mirrors are also pretty sustainable because they are fashioned with durable LED lights that consume very little energy.  The mirrors themselves are 100% environmentally friendly and with 50000 hours of burn life, you should be able to use your mirror for 45 years before you will need a bulb replacement.  Check here for more information on these brilliant looking mirrors.

Water saving eco shower head

Modern shower heads are designed to give you a great shower and will help you save water at the same time.  The shower head enables you to adjust the shower intensity and size so you can take quicker refreshing showers without using too much water.


If you want to cut back on your electricity then a skylight and some big bathroom windows are the right bathroom trend to use in your home.  With plenty of natural light, you don’t have to use your bathroom lights as often and you can reduce your electricity bill dramatically.

Natural hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring, as well as other natural flooring types like cork and bamboo, is a good pick if you want to enjoy an eco-friendly bathroom that looks brilliant.

Polished concrete flooring

Polished concrete floors are another big eco-friendly home trend but if you choose these floors for the bathroom then you will need plenty of non-slip mats because polished concrete can be very slippery.

Water efficient toilets

Switch your old traditional toilet with a new and modern toilet that won’t consume as much water with every flush.  The right toilet will make a huge difference in your overall water bill and will help save some water.

Natural cleaning products

Every time you take a bath or shower, plenty of chemicals are washed down the drain because of our cleaning products.  Switch over to natural cleaning products for a more sustainable bathroom.

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