Tips for Choosing a Floor Lamp for Sustainable Lighting

The simplest little things can have the biggest effect on your body, health and your mood.  When you are choosing home furniture for sustainable living you have to consider everything about the furniture item as well as the effect that these furniture items has on your body and health. A floor lamp is a good example of something that you often underestimate because your floor lamp affects so much in your life including your electricity bill, the health of your eyes, your mood, your home functionality and your home style.  Here are just a few tips to help you choose the best possible lamp for ultimate sustainable lighting.

Tips for Choosing a Floor Lamp for Sustainable Lighting

Energy efficiency is important

It would be terrible to spend a lot of money on a great looking lamp only to find out that there is no way that you can actually enjoy your lamp due to the power usage of the lamp.  Choose a lamp that works with energy efficient bulbs so you won’t be afraid to switch the light on.

Lamp shading can affect your eyes

Yes, your lamp shade can affect your eyes.  LED lamps and florescent lights are the worst light sources for your eyes, especially if you are spending a lot of time under this type of lighting because it can cause cataracts, light sensitivity and much more.  If you are spending a lot of time under your floor lamp then looks for a bulb light that emits a warm white glow.  The bulb should be bright enough to provide efficient lighting so your eyes don’t strain and so you won’t have to hunch to see but the light should also be dim enough not to hurt your eyes.

Lamp shading can affect your mood

Different lamp shades will result in different moods and this is why you should consider the function of the lamp.  Is your floor lamp used in the study space, the kitchen or the bedroom?  A brighter and whiter bulb color will result in a more waken and energized mood but a yellow and duller bulb will make you feel more relaxed and tired.  The right bulb can help you get the right mood for getting more work done or for taking a nap.

Remember to consider features

Extra features can make a lamp much more functional.  For example; a lamp that can be modified in terms of height can be used in various areas where a desk lamp can only be used on your desk.  Consider these added features before you buy.

Why an industrial floor lamp is your best pick

An industrial floor lamp is the best choice for sustainable living for the following reasons;

  • These lamps have a great and timeless style that will suit your home and office space for many years to come.
  • Industrial lamps are incredibly durable which is perfect if you are looking for something that will last and last.
  • Industrial lamps have a modern and clean look and they are already fashioned with energy efficient features that are needed for frequent use.

Industrial lamps are used in various areas and have all the features you may need for different types of duties or setups.

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