Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

The world is home to millions of pets, with statistics from the ASPCA showing that in the US alone, there are approximately 144-176 million, while in 2014, Canada had 13.4 million. With all of these pets in just those two countries, imagine how many they are the world over, and then think of the difference that it would make if they were raised in eco-friendly way. In this article, we are going to look at ways to be an eco-friendly pet owner.

Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Adopt from a Shelter

One of the best ways of going about raising a pet in an eco-friendly way is to go for on that actually needs your help. These are usually found in pet shelters. This way, resources such as staff, food, and medical services can be used on the other animals that also need them. This is better than getting pets from commercial pet shops.

Care for your Pet with Sustainable Products

Pets require several products such as shampoos, food bags, and a host of other things. Go for those that are sustainable. If you have to use food bags to pick up their poop, go for those that are biodegradable. Go for materials that can be recycled.

Speaking of Dog (and Cat) Poop…Compost It

Animal poop can be a very dangerous contaminator, but if you check with your sewage company, they should be able to give you a solution as to how to dispose it in an environmentally friendly way. You could throw it down the toilet in a biodegradable bag, and they could turn it into fertilizer, not to be used on edible products, though.

DIY Your Dog and Cat Treats

Make your dog treats (food and snacks) yourself, and you could save on the wasteful packaging and use of questionable materials. You can check with your vet on the best way to go about this, and remember, moderation is key, don’t overfeed your pets.

Feed Your Pets Sustainable Food

Go for food that contains sustainable ingredients as this will promote healthier pets. Go for foods that don’t have such a big carbon footprint, such as having packaging that can be recycled.

Play with Environmentally-Conscious Toys

Go for toys that are made of sustainable products since you don’t want something that will promote waste. The good thing about pets is that they are easy to please, and it shouldn’t be long before you find something simple that can entertain them.

The Best Dog Shampoo

Being that we are talking about pets, I thought that we should mention dog shampoo, since it is one good way to keep our pets healthy when we use it. There are many dog shampoo brands and types in the market depending on various factors such as the type of fur that your pet has, health condition, depth of infection, types of pests, whether or not he likes water, the scent, and a host of other things. In this article, we are going to be reviewing some of the best dog shampoos that you can find on the market right now. Before purchasing any shampoo, you’ll have to determine what will really work best for your pet.

Cloud Star Corporation Buddy Wash

This is the ultimate dog shampoo to deodorize, moisturize and rejuvenate his coat. It is made natural ingredients and botanical extracts. To give the pet a soothing, healing, and non-irritating bath, it is specially formulated with coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. herbs and natural oils are used to deodorize the coat. It provides a fluffy lather that is soap free, rinsing away easily, and it is safe for human use.


  • Made using natural herbs and oils
  • Calming lavender and mint scent
  • Lathers up well and rinses off easily

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

This oatmeal and aloe effectively combats skin irritation, promotes healing, and re-moisturizes dry skin. The natural ingredients include vanilla and almond oils, ensuring that the pet smells and looks good.


  • Made using 100% biodegradable products
  • Safe and gentle for canine friends
  • Soap-free shampoo
  • Heavily scented and eliminates bad odors

Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo

This is a shampoo that contains antiseptic qualities, and is made for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies. It gets rid of itching and scratching. It contains Lipacide, which acts as a moisturizing and restructuring agent by allowing a lipo-protein film to deposit on the skin. This long-lasting film resists rinsing, and thus protects the skin from irritations and loss of moisture.


  • Reduces loss of moisture and protects against irritation
  • Formulated using antiseptic foaming solution that reduces the risks of allergies
  • Is an antiseptic
  • Controls and reduces the risks of disorders associated with pyoderma

Miracle Coat Detangling Dog Shampoo

With this spray-on, waterless shampoo, there is no rinsing that is required. You simply spray it onto the coat, massage it into a lather, towel dry, and brush it out.


  • Noiseless sprayer that allows easy bathing for pets
  • Made using high quality, natural, pharmaceutical ingredients that cater for all types of coats
  • Easy to use
  • Made of the best high-quality ingredients.


You too can be an eco-friendly pet owner if you follow the simple steps that we have highlighted above. While at it, you can also use the shampoos that we have reviewed above to care for your pets. You’ll notice that thy are all made from natural products and oils, and one even has antiseptic qualities.

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