8 Reasons Why Timber Frame Homes Are the Most Sustainable Home Choice

Sustainable living is the choice to preserve our world’s natural resources and about reducing your carbon footprint.  Those that choose to live sustainably are always looking for ways to reduce negative effects on the world by making choices that will have the lowest possible pollution and consuming effect with regards to energy consumption, transportation and even for the way you eat and live.  While you are looking for the most eco-friendly methods and lifestyle habits you should also keep personal sustainability in mind so you can keep up the phase for the rest of your life.

So what is a sustainable home?  Well, it should be a home that reduces the consumption of natural resources with the lowest possible impact on the environment now and in the future.  It should also be a home that you can afford and be contempt with for the rest of your life.

8 Reasons Why Timber Frame Homes Are the Most Sustainable Home Choice

8 Reasons Why Timber Frame Homes Are the Most Sustainable Home Choice

Many homeowners believe that timber frame homes are the ultimate sustainable home choice you can make for the following 8 reasons;

  1. Repurposing wood

Timber frame homes will stand tall and strong for many years to come and the wood used within these homes will be in use and reserved for the longest possible time. This is a superb solution for those that worry about declining forests because a good quality timber frame home lasts much longer than other wooden home solutions.

  1. Reduced pollution

When the timber frame home is demolished there are much more natural materials that will decompose naturally and fewer artificial materials that might pollute the world.

  1. Reduced pollution during construction

Timber frame homes don’t cause as much pollution during the construction period because wood is a natural product.

  1. Affordable solution

These homes are not just great looking and durable.  They are also incredibly affordable compared to some construction solutions which contribute to improved sustainability for the homeowner.

  1. Natural beauty

You need a lot of extras to decorate brick and mortar homes.  Wall paint, artworks and wall decals are just a few of the common used extras to decorate.  These extras are expensive and the production of these extras caused a lot of pollution and resource consumption in our world.  Timber frame homes are naturally beautiful and there is no need for these extras.

  1. Energy efficient

Timber frame homes are much warmer during the winter, especially if you invest in hardwood floors as well.  This makes these homes a lot more energy efficient since you don’t have to rely on artificial heating.

  1. Green building methods

Green building methods can be applied for the construction of these homes which has much less effects on the environment.

  1. Flexibility

These homes are incredibly flexible and can easily be modified to suit the home owner’s need.  Where other types of homes require extensive outward expanding and intensive labor to remodel these homes are much quicker and easier to transform which also saves the environment.

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