Tips to Help You Become a Sustainable Snorkeler

Snorkeling is an all-time favorite for just about anyone that is visiting the beach.  Snorkelers are blessed with the opportunity to explore a different world under the water.  They get to experience a unique geology and spot marvelous creatures as well as extravagant displays of color and unnatural beauty in coral reefs.

But while snorkeling is great fun it might just be to blame for damaging reef life.  This is because many snorkelers are not aware that many of their actions might be destructive.  They touch and poke at sea creatures and reef vegetation which is harmful and some snorkelers even go as far as to collect or steal reef vegetation.  It is great to take along a few souvenirs from your holiday but not when these souvenirs result in destruction.  Just imagine for a second what reef life would be like if each and every snorkeler goes out and collects a souvenir or isn’t aware that their actions might be damaging to this delicate underwater world.

Here are a few tips to help you become a sustainable snorkeler so you can marvel at the underwater life without damaging reef life;

Tips to Help You Become a Sustainable Snorkeler

Tips to Help You Become a Sustainable Snorkeler

Use a snorkeling tour

Snorkeling tours like Playa Del Carmen snorkeling tour will take you to all of the most flamboyant reef areas that are not endangered.  The tour guides also provide the right gear that will minimize snorkeler impact on sea life and the tour guides will give all the valuable information on how to marvel at the underwater reef life without causing damage.  These snorkeling tours usually take you through several reefs and many of these snorkeling tours use profits in order to conserve and maintain reefs.

Watch your fins

Good snorkeling techniques mean less water disturbance. While you are swimming around a delicate reef you should keep your movements cramped in and ensure that your fins are not damaging delicate reef creatures.

Gain some experience

Inexperience is one of the biggest causes of reef damage.  Try to gain some snorkeling experience before heading off to the reef.

Listen to your instructors

Instructors will advise against many things when you are snorkeling.  Some of these instructions will be to never go hand-over-hand along a coral reef and to never touch or corner sea creatures.

Do not touch corals

Corals are extremely delicate and they are prone to infections.  Even a slight human touch can result in infection.  Corals are also very fragile and can easily break.

Tuck snorkeling gear in

Keep your snorkeling gear and extras tucked closely into your body so dangling gear won’t harm the reefs and corals.

Don’t pollute

Another big issue with snorkelers is the pollution.  Don’t take along anything that can pollute the water.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to become a sustainable snorkeler and you can have packs of fun without contributing to reef destruction.  A good idea to finish your holiday off is, of course, to donate to conservations.  Maintaining and protecting a reef involves substantial financial investments and any donations to protect our reefs for future generations are always welcome.

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