Acne, acne breakouts, bumps and zits on you face is absolutely a major turned off for others. It is certainly hard for anyone regardless of age and gender to look in the mirror only to see a shiny face and red pimples. This is why there are already countless brand names in the market that market their own treatment to help those who suffer from the odd looking bumps. In the market, you can find products such as soaps, facial wash, scrubs, toner, astringent, moisturizer, sun block, spot treatment gel, masks and many more.

The most common routine that many skin experts said about skin care is to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Like what was mentioned above, for acne prone skin, other inclusions can be added such as the spot gel for red bumps and masks about twice each week and scrubs to exfoliate once per week. For those who were considered as vainer or have got extra cash to spend just to be more beautiful, treatments are also available. It can be facial treatment such as peeling, laser and other sorts. Read more at

Apart from the topical application to treat acne, supplements can also be purchased. Most acne supplements are made available as over the counter drug. The most known supplement is zinc. It is a health supplement. Others also rely on drinking glutathione supplements which most claims that can whiten the skin and somehow treats acne scars.

As the world progresses and develops, revolutionary devices are also offered to the public such as derma rollers, facial pore scrub and the like. These products can either work on battery, electric outlet or through manual application. These were in demand for consumers as some promises same results like what can be achieved on skin clinics.


One of the most sought after of today is the device known as Face-Up! This is a device that can safely be used at home to help clear out acne. It has 90% efficacy to minimize breakout. Because of its ease of use, anyone can easily get the hang of using it day and night for faster result.

The device should be plugged in an electric outlet for it to work. You need to directly point the light on the zit or bump in order to promote faster healing. Once use, you will notice that it increases the cell metabolism of the skin as it soothes the face, neck and even the back. As a result, the secretion of sebum will be regulated and skin hydration will be boosted. Of course, the actual result differs from person to person yet the improvement can truly be noticeable.

The device is available in four different colors such as green, pink, purple and turquoise. It is developed in Czech and will soon be available worldwide. Additional information can be found at With the aid of this high technology device, you can be on your way to get rid of the ugly looking bumps that you have suffered from for quite a long time.

Today, many of us want to go green and live sustainably. However, the problem is that many people don’t know what to do, or even know how to get started. If you’re one of those people, who find it a challenge to get started on the path to a more sustainable living, here are some ideas for you:

conserve resourcesConserve resources. You probably heard a lot about this many times already, but if you truly want to live sustainably, this is the simple and easy way to get started. Make it a habit to turn off everything that you’re not using. Switch the lights off if you’re not in the room; turn off your TV and other gadgets when you’re done watching; turn off the faucets properly after washing. Simple things like these will not only save your utility bills, but will also give you a chance to save the planet.

Plant trees or start your own garden. Tending your own organic garden can be a challenge, especially if you’re not used to that kind of work. But it doesn’t always be that hard. The trick here is to always start small; eventually, you’ll get used to it. It doesn’t matter if you start growing one tomato plant or a few onions; the important thing is just to get started. Growing plants and trees not only make your lawn beautiful, but it benefits the environment as well. Trees absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They also reduce soil erosion and produce cooling effect, which helps reduce energy consumption.

Look for ways to reuse items. Before you go to throw something out, think about first what you could do to convert that useless product into something of value. This is the perfect time to use your creativity and make something that is not just beautiful and unique, but useful as well. You can turn some old bottles or jars into home decors. You can also turn an empty tissue tube into a hairclip holder. There are so many ideas out there; search the internet if you can’t think of anything. This is a brilliant way to help your community reduce the amount of waste, reduce pollution, and lower greenhouse gas emission. And did you know that converting useless products into new products is also an excellent way to make some extra cash?

Green your transportation. If you own a car, try to avoid using it so often. If your workplace is not that too far from your home, you can either walk or use your bike. This is an excellent way to get fit. You can also consider sharing your car with a workmate or a family member when going to work, or using public transport when going out somewhere. By doing this, you can actively contribute to environmental protection.

Buy less stuff. While it feels so great to own so many things, having a lot of stuff actually provides negative impact to the environment. Not many people are aware about how much time and energy it takes to develop and manufacture an item. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should no longer buy the things you need; but you have to learn to be a smart consumer. Even if you have lots of spare cash to use, and you’ve just received a big tax refund after filing your tax returns, don’t just buy anything, especially things you don’t actually need. Be a smart consumer; think about recycling or reusing old items. Think about consuming less and saving. Small actions like these are a great help to reducing pollution, decreasing chemical waste, and lowering energy consumption.