Sustainable tourism is the way to go nowadays if we care for the future of the earth at all. There are too many carbon emissions everywhere and it is slowly killing the life on the planet. We should all try and go green in everything that we do, so that we can reduce the carbon footprint and allow for healthier living. In this article, we are going to look at why sustainable tourism is important.

Why tourism matters

10% of the world’s GDP is earned by tourism, directly, indirect, and through induced impact. Tourism is also responsible for 225 million jobs worldwide, and the main income source for many developing countries. By the year 2030, it is projected that there will be 1.8 billion tourists around the world.

Why tourism must change

There is very little, usually less than 10% that is left to benefit the locals in certain types of tourism such as tour operator and resorts. There is also the fact that one night in a hotel produces up to 30 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Tourism is actually the fourth source of pollution in Europe.

How to make tourism more sustainable

People can start of by using healthy means of transport. They should use things like airlines and cars only when they must, since these leave a carbon footprint. They could seek alternatives like riding bicycles, horseback, or hiking. Even a train consumes ten times less than a plane.

The other option is to buy organic foods and local products. They could be fruits, veggies, or anything. The accommodation should also be eco-friendly, and there are many eco-friendly accommodations that can be found throughout the world.

Why Sustainable Tourism is Important

Why Sustainable Tourism is Important

Snorkeling Tours in Playa del Carmen

Being that we are talking about tourism, I thought that we should mention one form of eco-friendly tourism, snorkeling. Playa Snorkeling Tours offer snorkeling tours worth a try, being the best snorkeling in Playa del Carmen. Their highlights being:

  • They provide all the snorkeling gear
  • You get to visit 3 reefs in Cozumel’s Marine Park
  • The rendezvous point is very close to the Ferry Pier where you’ll arrive when coming from Playa del Carmen
  • They have English speaking guides

With Playa Snorkeling Tours, you’ll get to visit the following reefs, all of which are shallow reefs in Cozumel’s marine park:

  • Paradise Reef.
  • Villa Blanca Gardens Reef.
  • Dzul-Ha Reef.

The departure times for the snorkeling tours are as below:

  • 9:30am
  • 11:00am
  • 12:00pm (noon)
  • 1:00pm
  • 3pm


  • All snorkeling gear (fins, goggles, life jackets, & disposable snorkeling tubes)
  • There is snorkeling gear for kids too
  • Soft drinks and beer onboard (beer, soda, purified water)
  • Boat ride in their glass bottomed boats
  • Professional and English speaking snorkel guides
  • Snorkeling in 3 shallow reefs in Cozumel’s Marine Park
  • Marine Park conservation fee.
  • Everything is all-inclusive.

Bonus ($10usd Value)

  • Disposable Snorkeling Tube (usually $6usd).
  • Marine Park Conservation Fee ($4usd).


  • Ferry Transportation when coming from Playa del Carmen.
  • Gratuities: optional of course.

Book with Confidence. The Refund Policy has you covered:

In the event that there is bad weather and the harbor master shuts down the port for small boats, you will get a full refund.


Snorkeling is one of the sustainable tourism methods since there are very few carbon emissions that are produces. You can either swim, or view the fish through the glass bottom boat. Companies like Playa Snorkeling Tours emit very little CO2 during their tours.

A few folks can keep up with their fitness goals. Body training is not always about losing fat; it is the matter of long-term health and strength. You do well for one or two weeks but your cravings take over you, and you end up quitting your workout plans. You cannot let your new year’s resolution fall off the wagon like this. You just need some guidance from professional strength coaches. You would find some incredible pieces of advice here that would help you create sustainable training habits. Refer to the following points:

How Can You Create Sustainable Training Habits?

How Can You Create Sustainable Training Habits?

Specify your goals:

You need to set some quantifiable goals to keep yourself motivated. This is not enough to just go to the gym and do something because it is not specific. Set a specific goal for each day and focus on it. Let’s say your goal for a day could be to perform a single bodyweight chin up. The goals should be of this type rather than worrying about scale weight.

Take an overall healthy approach:

Do not take your body training as a way to lose weight. This would not be a sustainable training. Think of it as a way to feel good and healthy. A 10-20 minute walk in the morning will help you stay active during the workday. If you feel energetic even at the end of the day, weight lifting can improve your sleep. You do not need long hour sessions for that. Just a few minute exercise before you go to sleep.

Consider training as an important task to do:

Training should be a part of your daily routine. Make it an important errand to do no matter how busy you are. If you can remember to watch next episode of your favorite TV show, you can definitely make time for a workout.

Consistency has the more value than intensity:

This is not a good idea to train really hard one day and doing nothing for next two days. Consistency is the key. Once you start training, stick to it.

Be aware of the amount of nutrition you take every day:

You are hitting the gym daily and working on your muscles but not giving your body balanced nutrition, there is no other way you can attain your fitness goal. You would rather be welcoming diseases. You have to make sure that your daily intake is healthy. If somehow, you cannot manage to eat everything your body needs, supplements are a substitute for it. They can be vitamins, proteins, and a lot more. There is a whole variety of these supplements to choose from that can improve your health and performance. Nevertheless, it is not a piece of cake to choose from this heap of options.

You need to understand the functions and quality of each individual one. You need to pick one that can deliver the intended benefits. Something you must know about supplements is it should not replace the whole food, and it cannot substitute any food group. They are just to keep the nutrition balanced in your body. Likewise, they improve the sustainability of your training efforts.

Additionally, they help you burn fat, enhance the focus level and mental alertness, improve your endurance, and boost the immune system. There are various categories of these supplements including weight management, muscle gain, enhanced energy and strength, and general health enhancement. Pick your type in the best of its quality. is the place where you would find every aspect of these supplements.

As much as the office may look like it I the perfect shape, you may have to renovate it at one point or the other. Not only will the look rejuvenate the office but it will give it a new feel and a new vibe that may be a source of inspiration for the employees. Well office renovation just not just happen, you have to plan for it and decide what needs to be changed. Planning will help you to save on time, money and resources in general while at the same time help you achieve what you are looking for. Some of the ways to go about office renovation include:

How to Go About Sustainable Office Renovation

How to Go About Sustainable Office Renovation

Decide on what needs to be renovated

Even though it may be exciting to renovate everything in the office, the truth is that not everything needs to be renovated. Or rather not everything is a priority. It is therefore good to put a line between what needs to be changed and what can stay the way it is.

Search for ideas

After deciding what you want to renovate, it is now a high time to search for ideas. The internet has plenty of ideas and inspirations that you can always borrow. There are many sites and apps that you can get ideas such as Pinterest. The more you search the more inspirations you get. That will basically depend on the theme of your office and the kind of effect you are looking for. Remember that different colors and office décor has an influence on the individual behavior and performance of those in the office.

Set a budget

Office renovation in Singapore can either be cheap or expensive depending on your budget. If you don’t have a preset budget you are likely to spend more than is necessary as there is always more that can be done. With a set budget you will have financial discipline in spending your money.

Source for a contractor

In some cases, you can do the office renovation on your own but in most cases you will need a contractor especially if it involves a lot of work.  You will therefore have to do a research on the different office contractors in the market to be able to get the right one. When looking for a contractor you should consider their credentials, experience, the kind of reviews they have, what kind of services they offer and their charges. As you do your research you can request for quotes from different contractors then do a comparison and choose one that falls within your budget. While you are doing a research the best way is to do a shortlist of several contractors then shortlist a few and then narrow down to one based on who you feel will best suit your needs.

In some cases the best move would be asking for referrals from those who have done office renovation before to get the best contractor with the best deals.

You are proud of how well you have maintained your home. You have taken good care of it and you have done ways to make it sustainable for you and the rest of your family. Your home is that one place you would always go back to but there are moments when you need to see the rest of the world by taking a vacation. Do you think that you can still apply your sustainable ways when you travel?

Some people take vacations all the time without thinking about the possible complications that it causes to the environment. For example, when people go on vacation, they leave trash behind. They tend to forget that in order to enjoy nature’s beauty, we should give back to nature first.

How to Have a Sustainable Vacation

How to Have a Sustainable Vacation

There are some people who find ways to become more environment-friendly while traveling. For example, some people take the train instead of riding a car or a plane because this is more eco-friendly.

If you would like to see more of nature’s wonderful world, you can go snorkeling. Snorkeling Playa del Carmen is possible as long as you would make an effort not to do anything bad that will endanger the marine life that you will see underneath. People are recommended to have their own snorkeling gear but if you don’t have it, there are some snorkeling equipment for rent. When you see how beautiful the world is underneath, you will become more inspired to think of more eco-friendly ways to travel. Here are some tips:

  • You can become a backpacker. Instead of bringing so many items with you, you can invest on a good backpack that will contain all of the items that you need and just go your way. This will make it easy for you too because all the things that you need will be in one bag.
  • You can choose accommodations that will allow you to share a room with other people. You will pay less if you just have to pay for one bunk bed. Also, you get to meet new friends.
  • Go on a bike tour. Riding a bike can be fun and people who learn how to bike do not have to worry about how they can bike for the rest of their lives. Biking will allow you to get to many places without missing out on the beauty of your surroundings.
  • You can choose to go to places that are nearby instead of having to travel a long way to see other beautiful destinations. If you want to see other beautiful destinations, this is fine but limit it so that you can lessen the impact on the environment.
  • Always consider your various options when planning a vacation. Some unplanned vacations may be great but planned vacations can be fun too because you already know what you are going to do once you are there.
  • Spend quality time with the people that you love the most. You are on vacation because you want to forget about work and the things that are making you feel stressed in general.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you will have a sustainable vacation that you will remember for the years to come.

The way we humans live nowadays has affected the Mother Nature very badly, which is why folks are going towards sustainable living. Sustainable living is the kind of living that is naturally inherited by humans but with growing technology and innovations, we have come far from that living.

There are hardly any disadvantages of sustainable living; it is a very healthy lifestyle which not only benefits us but also benefits our planet. Going towards sustainable living at once is not easy but if you make small changes in life that make is sustainable; adopting a sustainable lifestyle becomes easy.

How to Make Your Cooking Sustainable

How to Make Your Cooking Sustainable

Cooking is the very first thing that comes to the mind while trying to make life sustainable as the kitchen is the most garbage producing part of the house.

Some tips to make your life sustainable are:

Go organic:

Organic food makes the least use of pesticides and other chemicals. The production of these chemicals is the main cause of pollution of land as well as rivers and seas. Therefore, if every one of us stops buying inorganic food, the use of these chemicals stop, and by force, the factories will have to shut down.

To go organic, you can grow your own vegetables in your yard as organic food is quite expensive in the supermarkets. Having a little know-how of gardening can help you grow almost all kinds of vegetables in your backyard.

Chickens can also be kept and grown at your home to get organic and hormone free meat. The kinds of hormones that are used to make chickens grow fast is not a secret nowadays, and these hormones are affecting the growth of children as we can clearly witness.

Growing fish in your yard is impossible, for that purpose you have to go fishing in the fresh water. Some of the fish in the market are organic while some are grown in commercialized fish tanks. So to get organic fish, it is better you go fishing yourself. You can either go for simple fishing or fly fishing. Fly fishing makes your fishing experience even better.

Cozumel is a beautiful island that is full of scenic beauty. If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can always go for a vacation with your family to Cozumel to enjoy the vacation as well get a new fishing experience.

The guides at Cozumel fly-fishing help you make the most of your vacation. They are equipped with everything necessary to make your fishing experience the best. The Cozumel fly fishing guides help you in every situation you are. If you forget your equipment or are short of something, they can still accommodate you and provide you with the required equipment. Most of the guides have more than 10 years of experience, and they are quite proficient at the art of fishing.


As stated already, the kitchen is the most garbage producing part of your house so you should always recycle the garbage. Whether it is the plastic bottles, paper bags or even vegetable and fruit remains.

These remains are used for making face masks, hair packs, and even body scrubs. Sometimes the remains can even be used to grow a completely new vegetable. For example, the salad leave remains can be placed in water for two weeks, and you will see it sprouting after some time.

Even though you recycle, you should avoid buying things in plastic bags, it is almost impossible, but the strategy is to try and try harder. A sustainable lifestyle is healthy, but it is not very easy. So as the cliché says “slow and steady wins the race,” you have to go slow and steady and make your lifestyle sustainable.

The oscillating multitool is a generally new compact power tool, however it has officially prevailed upon a legion of carpenters, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers. Today the oscillating multitool is a standout amongst the most versatile power tools that have ever been seen. It consists of tools for sanding, cutting, scratching, crushing, and cleaning. Additionally, it’ll cut through basically any building material, including wood, metal, drywall, concrete, mortar, plastic, and fiberglass, to give some examples. When it comes to brands, there are no Leatherman competitors. Leatherman has established its name in the multitool market, be it their high quality or their affordable price!

How A Multitool Contributes Towards Sustainability

How A Multitool Contributes Towards Sustainability


How a multitool helps contribute towards sustainability

Since a multitool has the capacity to perform various tasks with just one tool, it plays its fair share in contributing towards sustainability. Instead of using lots and lots of metal to create different tools, a small amount of it is used to create just one multitool which is equipped to perform all the jobs that those respective tools can. It helps save raw materials as well as time.

To give you an idea, here are some jobs that you can perform with a multitool:

  1. Trim Door Casings

When installing a new floor, you may need to trim the base closures of the door casings and frames so the ground surface will fit. The multitool is perfect for this activity.

  1. Sand Wood Smooth

Each multitool producer offers a wide exhibit of sanding options, which can be utilized to smooth wood, wood fillers, and clear topcoat finishes. These accessories are fully able to perform these jobs when used correctly and appropriately. The most well-known sanding extra is an expansive triangular-molded cushion, which is successful while smoothing wide, level surfaces. In any case, there are likewise a few sizes of limited, pointed sanding “fingers” that let you sand in narrow crevices and tight corners.

  1. String Trimmer

Hold the string trimmer’s head 2 to 3 inches over the ground, imitating the cutting height of a lawnmower blade. Gradually move the machine forward and backward, however make sure to keep the slicing head parallel to the ground. Swinging it like a golf club will give you uneven cuts and perhaps scalp a bare spot into the grass. Never work a string trimmer without eye and hearing protection, and try to wear long jeans and work boots.

  1. Cut Plumbing Pipes

Fitted with the proper blade, the multitool can rapidly cut through copper, plastic, and even old stirred metal funnels. Furthermore, on the grounds that the apparatus is compact and the blade acclimates to different points, you can work in tight spaces and at unbalanced edges, including within cupboards, behind walls, in roofs, and under floors.

  1. Remove Old Paint

Removing rankled, peeling paint is unpleasant, however it’s significantly easier with a multitool. Connect a steel scrubber blade to the tool to remove the free, rankled paint. At that point, change to a sanding cushion to sand down to the uncovered wood or shiny metal beneath.

Sustainable living is the choice to preserve our world’s natural resources and about reducing your carbon footprint.  Those that choose to live sustainably are always looking for ways to reduce negative effects on the world by making choices that will have the lowest possible pollution and consuming effect with regards to energy consumption, transportation and even for the way you eat and live.  While you are looking for the most eco-friendly methods and lifestyle habits you should also keep personal sustainability in mind so you can keep up the phase for the rest of your life.

So what is a sustainable home?  Well, it should be a home that reduces the consumption of natural resources with the lowest possible impact on the environment now and in the future.  It should also be a home that you can afford and be contempt with for the rest of your life.

8 Reasons Why Timber Frame Homes Are the Most Sustainable Home Choice

8 Reasons Why Timber Frame Homes Are the Most Sustainable Home Choice

Many homeowners believe that timber frame homes are the ultimate sustainable home choice you can make for the following 8 reasons;

  1. Repurposing wood

Timber frame homes will stand tall and strong for many years to come and the wood used within these homes will be in use and reserved for the longest possible time. This is a superb solution for those that worry about declining forests because a good quality timber frame home lasts much longer than other wooden home solutions.

  1. Reduced pollution

When the timber frame home is demolished there are much more natural materials that will decompose naturally and fewer artificial materials that might pollute the world.

  1. Reduced pollution during construction

Timber frame homes don’t cause as much pollution during the construction period because wood is a natural product.

  1. Affordable solution

These homes are not just great looking and durable.  They are also incredibly affordable compared to some construction solutions which contribute to improved sustainability for the homeowner.

  1. Natural beauty

You need a lot of extras to decorate brick and mortar homes.  Wall paint, artworks and wall decals are just a few of the common used extras to decorate.  These extras are expensive and the production of these extras caused a lot of pollution and resource consumption in our world.  Timber frame homes are naturally beautiful and there is no need for these extras.

  1. Energy efficient

Timber frame homes are much warmer during the winter, especially if you invest in hardwood floors as well.  This makes these homes a lot more energy efficient since you don’t have to rely on artificial heating.

  1. Green building methods

Green building methods can be applied for the construction of these homes which has much less effects on the environment.

  1. Flexibility

These homes are incredibly flexible and can easily be modified to suit the home owner’s need.  Where other types of homes require extensive outward expanding and intensive labor to remodel these homes are much quicker and easier to transform which also saves the environment.

Snorkeling is an all-time favorite for just about anyone that is visiting the beach.  Snorkelers are blessed with the opportunity to explore a different world under the water.  They get to experience a unique geology and spot marvelous creatures as well as extravagant displays of color and unnatural beauty in coral reefs.

But while snorkeling is great fun it might just be to blame for damaging reef life.  This is because many snorkelers are not aware that many of their actions might be destructive.  They touch and poke at sea creatures and reef vegetation which is harmful and some snorkelers even go as far as to collect or steal reef vegetation.  It is great to take along a few souvenirs from your holiday but not when these souvenirs result in destruction.  Just imagine for a second what reef life would be like if each and every snorkeler goes out and collects a souvenir or isn’t aware that their actions might be damaging to this delicate underwater world.

Here are a few tips to help you become a sustainable snorkeler so you can marvel at the underwater life without damaging reef life;

Tips to Help You Become a Sustainable Snorkeler

Tips to Help You Become a Sustainable Snorkeler

Use a snorkeling tour

Snorkeling tours like Playa Del Carmen snorkeling tour will take you to all of the most flamboyant reef areas that are not endangered.  The tour guides also provide the right gear that will minimize snorkeler impact on sea life and the tour guides will give all the valuable information on how to marvel at the underwater reef life without causing damage.  These snorkeling tours usually take you through several reefs and many of these snorkeling tours use profits in order to conserve and maintain reefs.

Watch your fins

Good snorkeling techniques mean less water disturbance. While you are swimming around a delicate reef you should keep your movements cramped in and ensure that your fins are not damaging delicate reef creatures.

Gain some experience

Inexperience is one of the biggest causes of reef damage.  Try to gain some snorkeling experience before heading off to the reef.

Listen to your instructors

Instructors will advise against many things when you are snorkeling.  Some of these instructions will be to never go hand-over-hand along a coral reef and to never touch or corner sea creatures.

Do not touch corals

Corals are extremely delicate and they are prone to infections.  Even a slight human touch can result in infection.  Corals are also very fragile and can easily break.

Tuck snorkeling gear in

Keep your snorkeling gear and extras tucked closely into your body so dangling gear won’t harm the reefs and corals.

Don’t pollute

Another big issue with snorkelers is the pollution.  Don’t take along anything that can pollute the water.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to become a sustainable snorkeler and you can have packs of fun without contributing to reef destruction.  A good idea to finish your holiday off is, of course, to donate to conservations.  Maintaining and protecting a reef involves substantial financial investments and any donations to protect our reefs for future generations are always welcome.

If you were to think about a more sustainable, in the sense of eco-friendliness, kitchen, you would probably think about a kitchen that is stocked with fruits and vegetables. You wouldn’t be completely wrong, however, you can take a more sustainable approach to your actual kitchen. Think about the size, equipment you use, and your experience of the kitchen. How do you make that more sustainable?

3 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Kitchen

Start with a stove

Whether you go for electric or gas, your stove is probably one of the main sources in the kitchen where you can waste a lot of energy. Gas is made from fossil fuels whereas coal is typically used for electricity. So you are kind of in a crunch. We would recommend going with an electric stove. There aren’t alternative, green, sources for gas but there is for electricity. You can use renewable energy, solar or wind, to generate electricity for your stove. It may be a heavy investment at first, but in the long run, you will end up saving a lot of money and making your contribution to a cleaner environment.

Cook more efficiently

If you think about, the less time you spend in the kitchen, the more efficient your cooking is. Reason being, the faster you get your meal ready, the less electricity or gas you end up using. A great way to cook more efficiently is by using a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker generally uses 40% less electricity and can reduce cooking time anywhere from 60-70%. That is a lot of time you end up saving. If you aren’t sure which pressure cooker to go with, you can choose one from these best pressure cookers.

Get the right appliances.

You can’t just cook on a stove or a pressure cooker, you need numerous different appliances to prep your food for cooking. You can’t really do without them so rather than getting rid of them, shop smartly. Get appliances that have the Energy Star rating. This will ensure that the appliances comply with energy regulations and don’t use excess energy when you decide to fire them up.

Sustainable living is something that has become quite the topic in the past decade or so. With global warming occurring around the world, it is important that we take the smallest of measure to reduce our carbon footprint in the world. These steps may not seem huge, but they do make a major impact in the long run.

Sustainability counts a big deal whether you are buying, building, or renovating home. Sustainable housing does not only reduce your cost of living in the long run but save the environment as well. You can create a house that contributes to the safety of environment because there are already lots of things jeopardizing earth.

You can still do this if you think you are going to lose the house because of bad credit. Bad credit history cannot now come in the way of buying a house or re-mortgaging, as there are mortgage services where you can get an easy finance and that have funds from the lenders who have offers with great terms. You can turn to Ravenwood Mortgage Services if you would like to get this type of services. They offer a handful of services such as a mortgage for owner-occupiers, mortgage for investors, structured finance for property developers, bad credit mortgage, auction property finance and much more.

Property Finance

Property Finance

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to refinance at a fixed rate. This way you can protect yourself from high-interest rates in future. Interests rate are more likely to be on the rise in future and a 5 year fixed mortgage would be a great deal for you.

Visit for detailed information. You can fill the application form on this website. The problem of adverse credit is solved. Now you can focus on sustainability of your house.

Try these ways to do that:

Conserve water:

Use the appliances and fitting that are water efficient. You can save water from wasting with water-saving showerheads and water pressure-limiting tools. In addition, you can bring rainwater in use. Rainwater tank can be collected and used to supply water for gardens and toilets.

Heat and cool naturally:

Allow your home to respond to the weather with natural heating and cooling. This can be done with the passive solar design. Your house should have a system for proper cross ventilation. Sufficient eaves would keep the house safe from the excess heat. Moreover, building material counts, and it should be lightweight construction or thermal mass. Skylights and window treatment contribute as well.

Windows and door selection:

Use efficient door and windows that have proper weather stripping. Make sure they do not become the reason the air leakage in a home. These areas should have proper air sealing. Your windows and doors should not cost you more in the long run.

Sustainable materials:

Avoid volatile organic compounds and VOCs in the building material. Make sure the material you are using material that could be recycled, or you can use the material that has already been recycled. Furthermore, you can contemplate using the sustainable material found in nature such as wood that is renewable.

LED lighting:

LED lights are energy efficient and are becoming common. They use less power than other fancy lights, and these bulbs have the capacity to work for years. They might cost you a little more, but you will be saving on your energy bills. These are the best for energy efficient home design.

Recycle your energy:

Install an energy recovery ventilator. ERV will consume the heat of exhausts and use it to pre-cool or pre-heat the air. This way you can shrink energy usage on your HVAC. The ERV system only used the heat without mixing the fresh air and exhaust air.

Intelligent planting:

Do not grow the plants that do not belong to your climate because they need high maintenance. Plant the right type of vegetation.