Don’t you just hate coming home after a tough day at work and still have to cook food?  Well, the chances are pretty good that you are going about life and weight loss all wrong. Once weekly meal prepping is becoming a lot more popular because this method of eating and meal preparation is a lot healthier, better for weight loss, easier and a lot more sustainable.

Once Weekly Meal Prep – The More Sustainable and Healthier Way to Live

Once Weekly Meal Prep – The More Sustainable and Healthier Way to Live

What exactly is once weekly meal prep?

Once a week meal prep involves cooking or preparing your entire week’s meals in one afternoon.  There are different methods for this way of life.  Some like to cook the entire week’s food while others only like to prepare ready to make packs that they can instantly cook.

Why meal prepping is more sustainable

This method of cooking is much more sustainable than everyday cooking.  When you are doing meal prepping you use large pots to cook your entire weeks meal in one go and divide the foods.  This means you won’t have to cook for the rest of the week. No energy consumption for an entire week.  The cooking day also only uses slightly more energy than an average cook day because the same cook time is required for big to small food portions.  You will also be living a lot more sustainably because dishes are considerably fewer.  There is no cooking so no pots and pans and containers are easy to clean out without harsh chemicals. The result is much fewer soap and chemicals are used in the kitchen which is more sustainable since pollution and water consumption is reduced.

Why meal prep is healthier

When you cook every day you frequently taste foods, snacking and we all have a tendency to make what we are in the mood for instead of what is healthy.  Meal prep is all about cooking healthy foods and planning your entire week for healthy eating.  The result is a much healthier body and great weight loss potential.

What do you need for meal prep?

You don’t need much to start meal prep.  A few recipes for foods that are suitable for refrigerating for an entire week is probably going to be the toughest change to implement.  You can still use your usual pots and pans for cooking and prepping.  One tool you will absolutely need is a food processor.  Preparing an entire weeks food in one day can be pretty exhausting.  This handy appliance allows you to chop and dice or liquefy foods a lot quicker.  Meal prepping becomes a lot easier and faster when you have this handy appliance.  You can check to have a look at all of the best food processors on the market.  You will also have to invest in all of the needed storage ware so you can keep foods stocked up and fresh in the fridge.

Meal prep is probably going to be the future way to live because of the amazing health and sustainability benefits of this time-saving cooking method.

Sustainable living is what everyone should be after these days, since it is one of the best ways that we can live in healthy ways. I believe that sustainable living should begin with where we live, our homes. That is the reason why we are now going to take a look at why it is important to design a sustainable house.

Sustainable homes are friendly to the environment., being that they are constructed with materials that are easy to replace. This in turn saves on the diminishing natural resources, since the houses are now more durable. The building materials usually consist of recycled materials, green building supplies, and surplus building materials. Hardwoods, pine floors, cork countertops or flooring, toilets and showers that use less water, environmentally-friendly fabrics, are other examples of sustainable house materials.

Sustainable houses are more energy efficient and therefore cheaper in the long run. You’ll find that they mostly rely on solar power, could have a well to save on water bills, and cost less to heat or cool, since their earth-friendly design uses the earth’s rotation and position of the sun.

They are easier to maintain since they are constructed with longer lasting materials that are stronger and cheaper to maintain. Sustainable homes also tend to have better looks as compared to traditional houses.

Why is it Important to Design a Sustainable House?

Why is it Important to Design a Sustainable House?

In.DE Condos

Still on the subject of housing, we are now going to take a look at an upcoming housing project in downtown Toronto, in.DE Condo. They will be in a 21 storey high-rise building, and will feature low-rise residential homes and a mid-rise hotel. A commercial retail unit of 2,200 square feet will be on the floor space, while amenities will be on the second floor, including a games room, fitness area, yoga studio, party room, and a 2,115 square foot balcony for the residents.  The rest of the floors will be residential houses consisting of 18 bachelor units, 111 one-bedroom units, 53 two-bedroom units, and 22 three-bedroom units.

This housing project is located near major amenities such as the Eaton Center, higher learning institutions, highways and parks, and public transit. It is also located within walking distance of all of these amenities. The OCAD University is only a 25-minute walk away from the condos.

David Vu & Brigitte Obregon Brokers are there to assist you if you’re interested in a condo. They are there to offer professional guidance, advise, and knowledge regarding the industry. They are there to represent the buyer’s needs, and you can reach them on their direct lines for any information that you might want, 647-922-8493.


Owning a home is probably every person’s dream, and it is always important to plan ahead if we intend to own one. In.DE Condos provide you with the perfect opportunity to own a part of downtown Toronto at an affordable price. The earlier that you book, the better chance that you have of getting the best positioning. You can then furnish your house sustainably.

There is an increasing need for mobile app developers. With the change in technology come different needs. Currently mobile apps have increasingly grown in popularity due to the convenience they offer. That explains why there is a mobile app for almost everything. There are also many new apps that are being developed every day. Due to the increase in need for app development, there has been a rise in the number of mobile app developers and it may be overwhelming to choose a developer. Some of the things to look at when looking for a cross platform mobile developer include:

Getting The Best Mobile App Developer

Getting The Best Mobile App Developer

Your needs

People have different needs. The first step to getting a good developer is first defining your needs. Once your needs are defined it will be easy to know what you are looking for. Your needs will depend on what problem you want the mobile app to solve since every mobile app is developed to solve a certain problem. Once you have defined your needs it will also be easy to know the kind of features that you want the app to have and how exactly you want the app to function.

Your customers’ needs

The saying that the customer is the boss is very much applicable when it comes to mobile apps. You wouldn’t want something that will not be able to address well the needs of the customers. Once you take your time to understand the needs of the customers it will be very much easy to address them. When researching about the needs of the customers you should keep in mind that trends keep changing every day and you have to stay up to trend in order to remain relevant.

Freelancer or a mobile app development company

Mobile app development can either be done by a company or a freelancer. There are pros and cons of choosing either of them it all depends on your individual needs. Most of time small companies prefer doing freelancers while large companies prefer mobile app companies. It also depends on the kind of app you are looking for, a complicated one it would be better to do a mobile development company.

Research your options

Most of the time, people will neglect going local since they associate it with low quality. When it comes to mobile app development, going local may actually be the better choice since you can always hold them accountable in case of anything. The bottom-line is you have to research your options. You also have the option of getting a developer online.


With experience comes more familiarity. Once one is very familiar they are likely to do it well. With more experience a developer is likely to develop more skills and tricks that they may use to develop your app well. In some cases it is good to ask the company for referrals of their previous work in order to know what to expect from the company and make an informed choice.

Living green and staying healthy isn’t easy when most food products you buy in grocery stores are loaded with lots of toxins, artificial colorants, preservatives and much more. Food manufacturers and agricultural industries are using more of these artificial than ever before in order to boost production rates and all of these extras affects your health negatively.  The mass chemicals and pesticides used in harvesting and food production also pollute the earth and natural water sources more and more.

Get a Greenhouse to Enhance Sustainability and Personal Health

Get a Greenhouse to Enhance Sustainability and Personal Health

It seems that the only real way to stay healthy and toxin free is by investing in your own greenhouse.  Here are the top ways in which you will be enhancing sustainability and personal health when you start harvesting your own food.

Optimize your garden space the greenway – Instead of paving your garden and using that valuable soil for something you will hardly ever use, get a greenhouse.  You will be utilizing valuable soil much better and growing plants is always a great way to combat CO2 levels and to produce more oxygen.

You don’t need to use chemicals – If you combine the right type of compost and keep your greenhouse tidy and clean then there shouldn’t be a need for harsh chemicals to keep insects at bay and to boost production.  Your foods will be a lot healthier, organic and you won’t be contributing to water and soil pollution.

Healthy foods at your disposal – With your own greenhouse you will always have a way to eat healthily.  The freshest and healthiest veggies are available in your backyard and you can pick and eat whenever you feel like it.

A wide range of health foods – You can use your greenhouse for a wide range of food sources.  Section your greenhouse and stock it with everything from herbs to greens to veggies.  This will give you good variety for your home.

A great place to spend time – Growing veggies is a fun hobby that gives you plenty of exercises and reduces mental issues such as high-stress levels, depression and more.  Your greenhouse is a great place to spend some quiet time when you just need to take a load off. 

Great for planting flowers – You can also plant your own home flowers in the greenhouse.  A greenhouse is an optimum environment for flower plants so you will always have a fresh supply with which you can decorate your home.  You will also be contributing to sustainability since flower plants are essential to for honey bee survival.

Save money on food – Health foods are incredibly expensive.  With your own homegrown health foods, you can save heaps of money and become healthy by eating organic foods that you have harvested yourself.

Greenhouses are amazing and there are so many different types and designs available that is bound to suit any property and even your backyard.  To find the best greenhouse you can check out Green Houses Hub.  This review site has information on everything you want to know about these handy tools so you can live an ultimately healthy and sustainable living.

People are looking towards sustainable living more and more these days, because it comes with numerous advantages. It makes life more bearable and takes away some of the stress from our hetic lives. It could seem like something that is very expensive in the beginning, but in the longrun, we will realize that we have saved more than we would have imagined. In this article, we are going to look at the importance of designing a sustainable house.

Sustainable homes are environmentally friendly, since they are constructed with recyclable material that are easily replaced, green building supplies, and surplus building materials. Such material usually last longer, while some of them like solar energy, tend to bring down our utility bills.

Sustainable houses are more energy efficient being that they rely on things like energy power, cutting down on power bills, and water wells. They are also built in an earth friendly design that takes advantage of the sun’s position, bringing down cooling and heating costs.

Built with longer lasting materials such as hardwood floors, they are stronger and cost less to maintain, as compared to the traditional houses. They also tend to look better aesthetically, although this could depend on one’s personal taste.

The Importance of Designing a Sustainable House

The Importance of Designing a Sustainable House

The Well Condos

We are now going to focus on owning a house in Toronto. It comes with its advantages, and especially if you’re considering living in downtown Toronto, where renting a house could turn out to be costlier than buying. If your dream is to own a house in Toronto, you might want to take a look at The Well Condos. This is a new mixed place community that is located in the Wellington Place neighborhood, and it will feature 7 high-rise buildings, six of which will be residential units. There will be a total of 1,537 residential units consisting of 835 one-bedroom units, 534 two-bedroom units, and 168 three-bedroom units.

The retail floor space will have a total of 503,579 square feet, and more than 1,000,000 square feet of office floor space. The condos are within reach of the major amenities such as highways and entertainment establishments. Some of the developers of this project include Tridel, Rio Can, Allied, and DiamondCorp. Those that are interested in this project can register and receive a brochure with all the details. This way, they will have privileges to things such as VIP prices, inventory, unit levels, incentives and promotions, unit levels, floor plans, best views, and many more.


Maybe it is time that you considered owning a home of your own. It might seem like a milestone task that isn’t achievable, but when you own a home, you’ll realize that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The Well Toronto are the perfect example of homes that you can own. The sooner that you reach out to them, the higher your chances of choosing the house on the floor that you want, and with the best views. The VIP prices might also bring the cost lower.

Gaming and sustainable living isn’t something you see in the same category very often.  How can something completely digital help people become more sustainable or benefit the environment at all?  Well, gaming has come a long way since the original arcade creations first flooded supermarkets in 1971.  Modern gaming is actually quite beneficial to your mental health, especially when you focus on games that are designed to enhance cognitive functioning, to promote quick thinking abilities and when you are looking for a way to get rid of excess stress.  Lots of modern games are even extremely educational.  Lots of children use games to learn everything from colors to their ABC’s and the educational benefits of gaming extend well into adult games.

Choose Gaming to Learn To Live a Sustainable Life

Choose Gaming to Learn To Live a Sustainable Life

Many games are designed for environmental awareness

Plenty of modern games are designed to educate and engage people.  Games with a focus on sustainability teach you about the environment, things that are hazardous to the environment and some games even help to create awareness about certain catastrophes in the world.  Gaming with sustainable messaging teaches kids and adults to live cleaner and healthier lives.

A few examples of world-changing games

Plenty of games are designed to target world problems and to inform people on great methods for sustainable living.  Here are a few of the top world-changing games out there:

Evoke – This game was designed by the World Bank and is available on social networks.  The game helps people create creative ideas to solve urgent social issues.
A world without oil – This online game teaches you lots about the effect of oil misuse on the economy, climate, and life quality.  The game allows you to see exactly what it would be like to live in a world without oil.
Depression quest – The game is designed for depression awareness and teaches people how to deal with this condition or what others go through.
The future is pretty bright for sustainability gaming and it is predicted that there will be lots of new games on the market to teach us how to live greener lives in the near future.

Gear up for greener games

While you are waiting for those green games to launch, you should definitely start getting your game room ready.  Here is a quick review of the best gaming keyboards you can check out to see the best looking, most functional, most affordable or top rated gaming keyboards that would be fantastic for your gaming room.  Some of these keyboards like the Cooler Master MasterKeys actually lights up which pretty amazing and pretty fun for night-time is gaming.  While you are upgrading your keyboard you can also get a modern PC that will consume less energy while you are playing.

Gameplay is a great way to learn new things about the world and to learn great solutions for sustainable living.  This relaxing hobby also makes you feel much better which basically is a pretty good win-win hobby when it comes to sustainable activities.

Investing in a condo is more like a lifetime investment hence you would want to invest in something that will give you value for your money. There are many developers who are focused on condos but not all of them are the same in terms of the value of their work. It is therefore important that you know what to look out for when looking for a condo and that includes:

Getting A Sustainable Condo

Getting A Sustainable Condo


The quality of the condo is a very important consideration to make as that will determine how long it will last or how soon it will wear out hence defining the value you will derive from the condo.  A high quality condo will also give it a beautiful finish.

Your needs

Since different people have different needs, it is important to define your needs so that you may know what exactly you want and that will guide you to know what to look out for. That will also help you to set your priorities right. Priorities will also help you get more value for money.


When looking for a condo, the location of the condo is a primary factor to consider. The location should be secure, convenient, accessible and close to social amenities. When it comes to location, different people have different preferences hence it is good to know prior what you prefer.


Condos come with different price tags depending on many factors such as the features of the house, the quality of the materials used, the size of the condo and the location among many other factors. Before looking for a condo it is good to set a budget as you will get condos across different price tags hence you can find what you can afford. In as much as you may want something that falls within your budget, it is important to consider the kind of value that you will derive from that house and it is good to keep in mind that you will have the condo for a long time hence you want something that will serve you well. The cliché cheap is expensive applies well when it comes to condos.


With condos and real estate in general, it is good to check out the developers that are responsible for the construction. Some developers have reputation of quality construction more than others. You can check their previous work and that can guide you in making an informed choice. Developers with more experience are also way better since they are surer of their work and may be more skilled too.

Basically when it comes to the purchase of anything, the devil is in the details. Once you are keen on the details, it is hard to make a bad purchase. It is also good to do research and comparisons as there are many companies that deal with condos and they are all different. Some of the best companies include Victory Silos that are dedicated to providing the best condos in the market.

Including health and exercise into your daily routine is a perfect method to improve your health in the long term. At the point when your life is sufficiently occupied as it seems to be, and you have a set work routine set up, planning every day exercises can feel dubious. Be that as it may, with the best possible objectives and outlook, you can find a way to sustain your health and exercise routine.

How to Have a Sustainable Health & Exercise Routine

How to Have a Sustainable Health & Exercise Routine

Select your health objectives. In case you’re simply developing a health routine, you might not have a reasonable thought of precisely what you need to accomplish. You may not recognize what your body is able to do. That is fine; even essentially needing to be more grounded is a strong beginning stage. All in all, it’s more beneficial and more successful to center around quality you need to construct or exercises you need to perform, instead of a specific look.

  • Some example objectives include: running a 5K without stopping, touching your toes, lifting your own particular weight over your head, and something similar.
  • Some work out schedules and weight control plans even debilitate you from weighing or estimating yourself as you change your routines. Getting hindered in the look of your body can occupy you from what it can do.
  • Record your objectives in a scratch pad and keep checking them to hold yourself accountable.

Pick a reasonable time span. Building another routine can be precarious: it takes around 2 months for something to become a habit. Still, you need to set objectives that don’t feel excessively far off. Keep in mind that working out each day is an objective all by itself.

Search out master help. Each body is unique, and everybody’s objectives are as well. Along these lines, there’s seldom one-size fits-all health advice. You are effectively situated to learn, in light of the fact that you know yourself and yourself better than anyone else. Put some time in to realize what sorts of activity will suit you and which ones you like. There are a lot of assets out there to help. In spite of the fact that it can’t replace a trainer who sees you face to face, the Internet has a lot of helpful material. In the event that you aren’t prepared to wander outside with your health schedule, there are a lot of exercises on YouTube that you can do at home with no gear. Attempt Blogilates or Fitness Blender.

Try joining a gym (or create one at home). On the off chance that you have the alternative, do trial exercises at various gyms until the point that you discover a vibe you like. Much better, most gyms offer introductions, where a trainer can demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to utilize diverse kinds of gear to securely improve your exercise. If you can’t find the time to go to a gym, you can easily set one at home by bringing in 2 or 3 most beneficial exercise machines. Indoor Ellipticals are the perfect choice for this as they provide numerous health benefits by engaging your entire body during a workout and providing you with the much needed cardio that your body needs!

For most folks, sustainable living means living without technology in a true Amish fashion in the greenest way possible. What if we told you gadgets can improve your sustainable lifestyle by leaps and bounds? It is true that most gadgets involve some chemicals or manufacturing processes that can make them unhealthy for the environment. However, in today’s age, it is almost impossible to live without electronic devices or even regular plastic devices like bottles, boxes etcetera. Is it not better, then, to impart an element of sustainability to these gadgets to make our lives easier as well as healthier?

Sustainable Living with Incredible Gadgets

Sustainable Living with Incredible Gadgets

Read some of the best sustainable gadgets available in the market for your use:

Self Listing Gadgets:

One of the biggest problems with sustainable living is getting rid of gadgets or machines that you do not use. We do not want to lose our gadgets in case we might need them in the future. However, with a new app on the market, all this could change. The app called Use Me/ Lose Me uses web chips to monitor your use of gadgets. If a gadget or machine goes unused for long, it automatically notifies you of the current market value of the product. Of course, seeing the money serves as a booster to help you encourage selling it to someone who needs it. When they buy a used gadget, they do not buy a new one which means one less gadget harming the environment during the manufacturing process.

Solar Chargers and Batteries:

Solar power is the cleanest source of energy. It is thus better to base your chargers and batteries off solar power. Look around your house, how many batteries do you use? There are some of your clocks, TV remote, AC remote, toys, and shave machines etcetera. Replacing these with rechargeable solar batteries not only benefit the environment, it would benefit your bank balance as well. In situations like mobile phone batteries where you cannot go with the solar batteries option, you can perhaps compromise with a solar charger. The solar charger is perfect for mobile phones and iPods. It takes energy from the sun to charge up your phone. You will see a significant decline in your electricity consumption.

Steam Dishwashers:

Steam Dishwashers convert the water to steam and then gathers that steam together to wash the dishes. How is this sustainable? Rather than using all the water, it only uses the steam it requires. This helps you cut down on your water consumption and save water. Not only this, the dishes come out cleaner as well. The steam acts as an antiseptic as well, killing germs off your dishes.

Multi-Use Speakers:

A big problem with modern gadgets is that they use different devices for different purposes. A different device for the speakers, a different one for the Microphone and a different one for storing all your songs. This eventually means that more devices are manufactured and thus more our environment is harmed by the toxic gases and processes these devices use. It is thus better to use devices that feature multiple uses.

A great example is of multi-use speakers. You can use these speakers to listen to music or sound, record your sounds or music, connect to devices via Bluetooth and even a USB port. One such speaker or sound system is the HARMAN-KARDON ONYX STUDIO 2. It features a rechargeable battery that lasts 5-6 hours. The Speaker Digital features a full review of the dec uses a Bluetooth feature that allows you to connect to your device and play all your favorite songs. It includes a USB port as well to allow you to play from a memory stick.

When it comes to checking if something is sustainable, there are many factors that come into play. The main thing that people check is how convenient it is and also what cost it is. When it comes to a taxi tour, it will mostly depend on your kind of situation. If you are in a new place that you are touring such as an island, then taking a taxi tour is totally worth it. There are many other reasons why you should consider a taxi tour while you are traveling. Some of the reasons include:

Is Taking A Taxi Tour Sustainable?

Is Taking A Taxi Tour Sustainable?

Saves Time

If you plan on visiting several places in one day, going on a taxi tour can help you to save time. It will save you from the inconvenience of having to look for a transport from one point to another which in some cases like if you are using public means it may be inconvenient as some bus stops or train stops may be far from where you are. Other than having to check on maps to confirm the direction you are going especially if you are new, a taxi tour will save you all that. With a taxi tour, the driver in most cases is already aware of the destination you are going which will save you from going the wrong direction or getting lost.

It is convenient

There is so much convenience with a taxi tour. If you are traveling in a new place you are not worried if your license will be accepted and about the traffic rules there which makes it better than hiring a car or driving. You don’t have to worry about the location, the security, directions, your destination and many other things.  It is also convenient if you are going somewhere where they speak a different language from you. Getting someone who understands the locals well makes all the difference.

Makes the trip more enjoyable

Since you don’t have to worry about many other things that would have worried you, you get the chance to enjoy your trip more and make it more memorable. The fact that you have saved on time makes you have more time for the trip hence more fun. In some cases the driver my give tips for enjoying the trip more since he is a local and well versed with the area.

It might be cheaper

In some cases, getting a taxi tour may actually be cheaper. For example getting a taxi tour might be cheaper than getting several taxis as a taxi tour may give you a discount since you are getting them for the day.

Taxi tours are increasingly getting popular such as Cozumel taxi tour. It is therefore important that you book a taxi tour prior. Since different taxi tours may not be the same, it is good to do research and comparisons prior so that you may find what you are looking for. In some cases however taking Uber or Taxify may actually be cheaper.