Riding a motorcycle is fun but the right gear makes it even more fun. With the right gear at least you are sure that in case of an accident you are protected. Most people give concentration to a helmet and a reflector forgetting that the legs also need to be protected. According to a study that was conducted, most motorcycle injuries that were non-fatal the injuries were inflicted on the feet and legs.

There are boots that have been made specifically for motorcycle that are different from the regular boots. They are rigid, have molded protection, have slip resistant soles, lace retention and have reinforced shifting pads. It is therefore to go for motorcycle boots such as alpinestars motorcycle boots since they will give you comfort without compromising on functionality. Since there are many motorbike boots in the market, you need to know what to look out for. Some of the factors to consider include:

Choosing Sustainable Motorcycle Boots

Choosing Sustainable Motorcycle Boots

Your purpose

There are different kinds of riding that riders can engage in. That determines what kind of coverage, protection and rigidity you need from the boots. If you are however just a street rider, you are not constrained in terms of your boot options. You can even go for style since you don’t need much coverage. It is therefore important to know what kind of rider you are, whether it is a dirty rider, street rider to a touring rider among many others as that will help you define your needs.


Different people have different taste and preference and that defines their style. That will also influence the kind of length that they will need from the boot. Even though knee length boots are perceived to be proper for motorcycle, there are those that will opt for ankle boots. It is good to keep in mind that some ankle boots will barely cover your ankles and thus it is good to try them on before doing the purchase. The right bots will also depend on the kind of outfit you have.


The protection you will need will depend on what kind of rider you are. Just like racing boots, there are some motorcycle boots that have been made to offer maximum protection. Whatever boots you may decide to settle on, it should be made in a rugged material that is comfortable and one that you feel offers maximum protection. There are materials that are waterproof and some that are vented. This will solely depend on your preference. Waterproof boots will make sure that your feet are able to remain dry in the event of a rainy day. On the other hand boots that have vents will allow your feet to breath and that will be very handy especially if you are in a hot environment since the feet can really sweat. Most boots are made of leather. It is however important to note that synthetic leather is grown to be popular and it will not act the same way as real leather.