Ever thought of getting your home an artificial lawn? Yes, they exist, and you would be amazed at how well they work. They are the perfect solution for people that can’t plant natural lawns, and they come with their advantages. In this article, we will be discussing the pros of artificial lawns.

Perfect for Extreme Climates

There are places with extreme climates where natural grass can’t grow, and this includes deserts. Planting natural grass there can be costly, wasteful, and even impossible. Artificial grass has no maintenance and provides all year use in the extreme climatic conditions. This makes it the perfect choice of grass.

Great for Heavy Use Areas

Areas with heavy use such as play areas and pool sides generally wear out natural grass, making it the perfect choice to install artificial grass instead. This will reduce the dirt and mud being brought into the home by kids and pets.

Golf, Anyone?

There are sporting activities that require one to have grass, the lead amongst them being golf, which requires perfect grass. Installing artificial grass will give you ample space to practice your putts throughout the year.

Going Artificial Will Actually Save You Money

The majority of artificial lawns have a lifespan of at least 20 years before they need to be replaced, depending on the usage. Thinking of it from a financial point of view, it will cost much less on the artificial lawn, especially when you add in things like water, irrigation systems, maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers and weed eaters, and fertilizer.

Once You’re Ready to Purchase

These outdoor weatherproof carpets come in different colors, textures, thicknesses and longevity, giving you different options to choose from. You can consult with a landscaper to find out the one that will work best for your backyard.

Grass Market Synthetic Turf

If you’re after top quality artificial grass, and whether you’re in Australia or overseas, Grass market is your best bet, offering the best artificial grass in Perth. The fake grass that they offer is perfect for the following installations:

  • Residential and commercial landscaping
  • Outdoor playing areas such as school playgrounds, outdoor sporting fields like hockey and football as well as putting greens
  • Artificial grass installations for interior d├ęcor applications
Good Looks & No Maintenance: Artificial Lawns

Good Looks & No Maintenance: Artificial Lawns

Why Choose Grass Market?

Guaranteed Product Quality

They work with the best manufacturers in the industry, and also have an intense testing process that ensures quality control and guarantee. The artificial grass is durable, offer great performance in terms of color retention and is UV-stable. It is also durable and high density, having a realistic texture and natural look.

Budget-Friendly Prices

The fact that Grass Market buy their products in large quantities means that they get them at low prices. That coupled with the fact that they have very low profit margins, makes their grass very pocket friendly.

One-Stop Store

They have a wide variety of grasses for clients to choose from, making them cater for diverse tastes of their clients.

Efficient Delivery

Grass Market boast quick delivery times no matter where in the world you are, ensuring that the products arrive on time.

Customer Service

Grass Market have an outstanding customer service department that caters for all the needs of their clients. They are there to answer any questions that you might have.

Attractive Warranty

The fake grass that is offered by Grass market comes with some of the best warranties that you can find, with all the products having manufacturer-backed warranties of up to 15 years.


You no longer have to worry about watering and tending to your natural grass, because you can now install artificial grass to sort out your needs. You can even enjoy your grass in the desert without having to worry about it getting spoiled, or drying up.