Some couples claim that they have never had a fight in their lives and others just cannot seem to stop arguing.  They date, everything seems to be going gloriously, they fight, they split up again and then the cycle starts all over again.  Sometimes there is a new guy or girlfriend in the picture but in the end these couples’ just keeps getting back together no matter how many times things don’t work out.  Is this a sign that you never seem to learn or does it mean that the two of you are actually destined to be together despite all challenges?  Well, whatever the case may be it is hardly a sustainable way to have a relationship.  Every relationship and couple experiences difficulties but the most important thing is that the two of you are there for one another no matter what.  Here are a few solutions to help you build a sustainable and long lasting relationship

Sustainable Solutions for Couples That Keep Breaking Up and Getting Back Together Again

Consider the ex-solutions program

The Ex Solutions Program was developed by a real life couple; Mike and Clay, with real life problems and real life expectations.  They developed an online program that struggling couples can partake in in order to rebuild their relationship.  The course consists of two stages and has 8 modules that both parties have to work through.  Throughout the course Mike and Clay will help you identify the root of your problem, they will help you overcome previous negative experiences and trauma and they will help you start afresh with a sustainable relationship that is bound to last.

Watch out for these dooming factors

Most researchers claim that every couple that gets back together after a tough breakup come together in a relationship with more criticism, greater withdrawal, distrust, defensiveness and contempt.  All of these factors make it much harder for the two of you to work through new problems and to find a good and healthy balance.

Take responsibility for mistakes

Playing the blame game is the last thing you want in a new relationship and the only way to keep yourself from blaming your partner for every mistake that he or she has ever made is by owning up to your own faults in the relationship.

Watch out for friend and family factors

During your breakup the chances are pretty good that you said some pretty nasty things about your ex – at that time.  Which mean the chances are also pretty good that your family and friends won’t like your loved one when you get back together. It might be a good idea to have a talk with all of your friends and family members and to explain to them exactly why you are giving it a shot again so you will have their support instead of their anger.

Sustainable relationships always mean hard work

Any relationship is hard work to maintain.  Just because you are back together again doesn’t mean you can start slacking off again.  Everyone likes to hear that they are loved, appreciated and needed in a relationship and everyone needs consistent reminding of these positive benefits.