The telecom industry is forever expanding. With hundreds of new users on a daily basis and millions already on board. The industry is constantly looking to adapt to the new users and expand its coverage, ensuring customers get optimal performance. In order to achieve optimal performance, telecom companies either install or lease more cellular towers.

The average user does not know the negative impact that this cellular tower may have on the environment. While in most urban areas, the towers run on an electricity grid. In areas where electricity is not reliable the tower seeks energy from backup sources. Most of which is through a diesel generator. The generators ensure that there is no disruption and power is supplied to the tower to ensure proper coverage for users.

How Cellular Towers Can Be Sustainable

Why is the use of diesel generator bad?

The use of diesel generators to provide power for cellular tower is bad due to the fact that diesel when burned pollutes the environment. Taking the case of just India alone, the cellular tower consumes around 2 billion liters of diesel, according to ET Times. This leads to over 5 million tons of CO2 emission. Now you may think this happens in India so it doesn’t really bother us but such a vast amount of emission affects the world overall. This also adds to the numerous other cellular towers that are still on diesel generators around the world including in the US and Canada.

Green options for Cellular Tower

Companies and individual cellular lease owners are now looking to reduce the emission of CO2 and look towards a more sustainable, environment friendly source of energy for cellular towers. Solar installation is an option. Even though it may cost more initially to install the panels it reduces the costs of operating the tower by almost half. Currently, Panasonic has estimated that in the US and Canada anywhere from 15-50% is spent on energy operating cost for cellular towers. A sustainable approach will surely cut operational cost, saving money for telecom.

Using solar power brings CO2 emission to zero since you do not need to burn diesel to power the tower. In areas where the sun may not provide enough energy, wind is also an option. However, most companies are looking to pair the two to ensure round the clock energy for the tower. Keep in mind that the initial installation cost for both can be costly.

As a private cell tower lease owner, you too can take a more sustainable approach and go green with your cellular tower. You can put pressure on cellular carriers to have a more sustainable cellular tower installed on your property if it isn’t already. So next time you negotiate your lease or if you are looking for a cell tower lease buyout be sure to bring up a “Green Tower” to ensure you and your family are safe from CO2 emission if the company uses diesel generator for power. So go green today and save both your money and the environment.