High pollution levels and a constant increase in the human population have left our world in a terrible peril.  The pollution we cause as well as deforestation has resulted in plenty of terrible consequences such as global heating and a huge hole in the ozone layer.  Since the discovery of global heating and the hole in the ozone layer, people across the globe have made some pretty impressive modifications and adopted a green lifestyle that promotes healthy living.  But sustainability is an ongoing challenge and every one of us has to constantly adapt the best and greenest methods in everyday activities in order to keep our world safe and clean.

Become an Eco-Friendly Runner with These Tips

Become an Eco-Friendly Runner with These Tips

If you have started running or jogging then you absolutely must check out these tips that will help you become an eco-friendly runner.

Switch over to organic clothing

Some sports apparel companies use sustainable fabrics such as cotton and hemp that is completely renewable and biodegradable.  Companies like Adidas even have a line of shoes and clothing that is made of ocean waste in order to keep oceans clean.  One of the best things you can do is to start wearing organic sports attire so you can jog comfortably without contributing to pollution.

Switch over to eco-friendly cleaning products

Don’t use harsh chemicals to wash your sports clothing.  Switch over to eco-friendly products that won’t pollute underground water supplies.

Get a hydration belt

It is important to stay hydrated as you go for a run but it is also important not to litter.  Plenty of joggers litter because it is such a hassle to carry around that empty water bottle with you as you go.  Get a hydration belt for runners and you will be able to store your water bottle or empty bottles as well as other essentials like your car keys around your waist.  You can stay hydrated on the go and will have your hands free because the bottle is fitted securely around your waist.

Switch over to reusable bags

If you are carrying a backpack or bag then ensure that the bag is reusable.  Reusable grocery bags are usually biodegradable and these bags will keep a lot of plastics out of landfills.

Don’t litter

Don’t litter while you are taking a run.  Even a small plastic bag can take up to 500 years to fully biodegrade.  Waste plastic is also frequently broken down into micro-plastics that pollute water supplies, food, animals and much more.

Don’t take from nature

It is always tempting to pick a few flowers or to dig up a beautiful plant you see on the hiking trail for your own yard.  But if every hiker took something from nature every time they set out there wouldn’t be much left. Don’t pick plants while you are out there taking a hike.  Disrupting animal life can be devastating to the ecosystem.

Pick up litter

Pick up some litter as you go about your jogging.  You will get a much better workout and the environment will become a lot cleaner.

With these tips, you can be a very eco-friendly runner and you can keep yourself and the world much healthier at the same time.