It is important for everyone to consider going green, whether in their homes or offices. Natural gases are being depleted day and night, and then there is also the carbon footprint that is on the increase. Sustainable living will help us to reduce the carbon footprint and stop over relying on fuels such as petroleum and gas. Things like solar energy and carpooling are some of the things that can help us to achieve sustainable living. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the tips to make your home greener.

Enroll in online statements and get off junk mail lists

Many of us get plenty of mail in our mailboxes, whether they are utility bills, magazines, newspapers, and a host of other things. These use up paper, which is made from trees. This can be reduced by subscribing to online statements. Theres also the fact that the less mail that one receives, the less their impact on the environment, and this means blocking junk mail such as promo lists.

Buy low or no-VOC materials, and dispose of VOC products properly

Volatile organic compounds are found in chemicals that are used in things like paints, furniture, building materials, and other air pollutants. The best way of tackling VOC’s is to reduce indoor air pollution in the home or office by using products that are either low in VOC products, or have no VOC products. They could cost slightly more but in the long run, they are making the environment more sustainable. It is also advisable to aerate the home thoroughly when such products have been used.

Leave your shoes at the door

When people leave their shoes at the door, chances of bringing dirt stains into the house are reduced. Shoes pick up all sorts of germs that are unhealthy to breathe, touch, or even ingest, spreading them through our homes, and the best way to avoid them is to leave the shoes outside the door.

Switch to LED or CFL lights

We all know that LED lights use less energy than CFL lights, and that is the main reason why we should all switch to using LED lights in our homes and offices. We also find that LED lights emit less heat than CFL lights and this makes the heating systems of your house use more power during the cold season. The good thing is that there are energy companies that even offer these LED lights for free.

Create a recycling and compost station

We all have food scraps that need to be thrown away once we are done with the preparing of meals and cooking. There are better ways to put them into use instead of tossing them away, and this is by recycling them or making compost stations. This way, these products can be used as fertilizer for our plants and lawns, reducing the amount of money that we use to buy fertilizers. Tight fitting lids are the best way to keep pests and bugs away.

Tips to Make Your Home Greener

Tips to Make Your Home Greener

Hand Bouquet Delivery in Singapore

One of the best ways to keep air fresh in our homes is by using fresh flowers. We can either grow them or buy them. Not everyone has the space or garden to plant flowers, and therefore, they end up buying them. In this article, we are now going to take a look at hand bouquet delivery in Singapore by Secret Garden. The company offers a variety of bouquet arrangements suited for all sorts of occasions and tastes. Below are some of the services that they offer:

  • Hand Bouquet
  • Table Arrangement
  • Flower Stand
  • Mama & Baby
  • Birthday & Gift
  • Bridal
  • Get Well Soon
  • Add-ons Gift

Their prices vary with the arrangements, and below are some of the arrangements that they offer:

  • Magnificent
  • Love Moments
  • White Lilies Naturalist
  • Tulips Bouquet
  • Passionate Dream
  • Sweet Pink Lady
  • Wild Bouquet
  • Purple Dream
  • Happiness
  • Beauty
  • Warmest Blue
  • Cotton Candy
  • Fascination
  • Simply Tulips
  • My Sunshine

These are all farm fresh flowers perfect for all sorts of occasions.


If we follow some of the tips mentioned above, we too can make our homes and offices more sustainable so that we can secure the future of our planet for our kids. This includes the use of fresh flowers instead of plastic ones in our homes.