The way we humans live nowadays has affected the Mother Nature very badly, which is why folks are going towards sustainable living. Sustainable living is the kind of living that is naturally inherited by humans but with growing technology and innovations, we have come far from that living.

There are hardly any disadvantages of sustainable living; it is a very healthy lifestyle which not only benefits us but also benefits our planet. Going towards sustainable living at once is not easy but if you make small changes in life that make is sustainable; adopting a sustainable lifestyle becomes easy.

How to Make Your Cooking Sustainable

How to Make Your Cooking Sustainable

Cooking is the very first thing that comes to the mind while trying to make life sustainable as the kitchen is the most garbage producing part of the house.

Some tips to make your life sustainable are:

Go organic:

Organic food makes the least use of pesticides and other chemicals. The production of these chemicals is the main cause of pollution of land as well as rivers and seas. Therefore, if every one of us stops buying inorganic food, the use of these chemicals stop, and by force, the factories will have to shut down.

To go organic, you can grow your own vegetables in your yard as organic food is quite expensive in the supermarkets. Having a little know-how of gardening can help you grow almost all kinds of vegetables in your backyard.

Chickens can also be kept and grown at your home to get organic and hormone free meat. The kinds of hormones that are used to make chickens grow fast is not a secret nowadays, and these hormones are affecting the growth of children as we can clearly witness.

Growing fish in your yard is impossible, for that purpose you have to go fishing in the fresh water. Some of the fish in the market are organic while some are grown in commercialized fish tanks. So to get organic fish, it is better you go fishing yourself. You can either go for simple fishing or fly fishing. Fly fishing makes your fishing experience even better.

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As stated already, the kitchen is the most garbage producing part of your house so you should always recycle the garbage. Whether it is the plastic bottles, paper bags or even vegetable and fruit remains.

These remains are used for making face masks, hair packs, and even body scrubs. Sometimes the remains can even be used to grow a completely new vegetable. For example, the salad leave remains can be placed in water for two weeks, and you will see it sprouting after some time.

Even though you recycle, you should avoid buying things in plastic bags, it is almost impossible, but the strategy is to try and try harder. A sustainable lifestyle is healthy, but it is not very easy. So as the cliché says “slow and steady wins the race,” you have to go slow and steady and make your lifestyle sustainable.