Don’t you just hate coming home after a tough day at work and still have to cook food?  Well, the chances are pretty good that you are going about life and weight loss all wrong. Once weekly meal prepping is becoming a lot more popular because this method of eating and meal preparation is a lot healthier, better for weight loss, easier and a lot more sustainable.

Once Weekly Meal Prep – The More Sustainable and Healthier Way to Live

Once Weekly Meal Prep – The More Sustainable and Healthier Way to Live

What exactly is once weekly meal prep?

Once a week meal prep involves cooking or preparing your entire week’s meals in one afternoon.  There are different methods for this way of life.  Some like to cook the entire week’s food while others only like to prepare ready to make packs that they can instantly cook.

Why meal prepping is more sustainable

This method of cooking is much more sustainable than everyday cooking.  When you are doing meal prepping you use large pots to cook your entire weeks meal in one go and divide the foods.  This means you won’t have to cook for the rest of the week. No energy consumption for an entire week.  The cooking day also only uses slightly more energy than an average cook day because the same cook time is required for big to small food portions.  You will also be living a lot more sustainably because dishes are considerably fewer.  There is no cooking so no pots and pans and containers are easy to clean out without harsh chemicals. The result is much fewer soap and chemicals are used in the kitchen which is more sustainable since pollution and water consumption is reduced.

Why meal prep is healthier

When you cook every day you frequently taste foods, snacking and we all have a tendency to make what we are in the mood for instead of what is healthy.  Meal prep is all about cooking healthy foods and planning your entire week for healthy eating.  The result is a much healthier body and great weight loss potential.

What do you need for meal prep?

You don’t need much to start meal prep.  A few recipes for foods that are suitable for refrigerating for an entire week is probably going to be the toughest change to implement.  You can still use your usual pots and pans for cooking and prepping.  One tool you will absolutely need is a food processor.  Preparing an entire weeks food in one day can be pretty exhausting.  This handy appliance allows you to chop and dice or liquefy foods a lot quicker.  Meal prepping becomes a lot easier and faster when you have this handy appliance.  You can check to have a look at all of the best food processors on the market.  You will also have to invest in all of the needed storage ware so you can keep foods stocked up and fresh in the fridge.

Meal prep is probably going to be the future way to live because of the amazing health and sustainability benefits of this time-saving cooking method.

Many people are choosing to live a more sustainable life nowadays and for good reason, we are running out of resources fast and daily living is becoming more and more expensive.  There is a great following that is now supporting this way of life and making a difference at the same time. Every aspect of your home and how you live in it can be amended to sustainable living and can make a difference while living at one with the environment. By making a few changes like looking at water consumption and avoiding a wasteful lifestyle you might just enjoy these great benefits.

The benefits of sustainable living

The most obvious benefit of sustainable living is that you will get to experience massive cost saving which is always welcome when trying to save for something important in life.  You will use less of the earth’s resources and in turn less of your own too. You will potentially save a lot of money by reducing your cost of daily expenses like heating and water consumption. With a few simple implementations you will find that you might have quite a bit extra. You could even read about influential people like the self-starter, Moti Ferder who is the founder of Lugano Diamonds. One of his famous quotes is that you should be different and choose your own path which is exactly what you will be when choosing a path of sustainable living.

It is also no secret that you will get to enjoy the benefit of living an environmentally friendly life. You can sleep easier and wake up with a clear conscience knowing that you made an impact and helped leave a bit of what we have to the next generation. Click here to read more about living environmentally friendly. By harnessing energy from the sun you really reduce your environmental footprint and you make a difference even if it feels like a small one.

You will also get to enjoy certain health benefits by living a sustainable lifestyle.  You will enjoy the benefit of natural light instead of artificial light you will feel an increase in happiness and feel less depressed. The sun supplies us with Vitamin D so enjoying lunch or a cup of coffee in the sun is a great way to feel better and healthier. Click here to read more about Vitamin D and why it is so important.

With sustainable living people select to live in smaller homes and with tiny houses have now become a favorite amongst many. There are many companies that specialize in building these small homes and that use very little resources to do so. Life is no longer about material items but about what we can do with what we have and how far we can stretch our resources. We have future generations to think about and that is exactly why sustainable living is so incredibly important. We have used and abused what we have received from the earth and the time has come to give something back and to use less than ever before.