With the way the world’s looking, more and more people are moving towards sustainable living. The number of people that have decided to own chickens is mesmerizing. Maybe you do too, but perhaps you are unaware of the value of biking. Biking: Keys to a Sustainable Future will hopefully help illuminate that for you.

If you are going to jump on the sustainable bandwagon, and follow suit with biking, it would probably be a good idea to read: Best Hybrid Bikes — Buying Guide for Men & Women. While many people may not understand the concept of hybrid bikes, the short and simple of it is that they combine the leisure and efficiency of mountain bikes with the ease and comfort of traditional bikes. So, knowing which ones will best suit your needs toward sustainable living is beneficial. But there’s more to biking than buying a hybrid version.

Biking: Keys to a Sustainable Future

Why are Bikes Great for Sustainable Living?

It’s easy to see that they are an energy-efficient mode of transportation. Besides that, they can improve the overall health of the rider. And, when you really start studying them, you’ll discover that they are the most used transportation source worldwide. They outnumber cars two to one! Just look at all the bikes in use in China.

Unfortunately, the US doesn’t seem to find them as respectable. Rather, those in North America do little more with bikes than use them as playthings. Less than one percent of all the trips made in the US are done on bikes. People expend three times more energy walking than they do riding a bike, and yet there’s little respect for biking’s value. It’s time for change.

It’s Time to Change Our Priorities

If we’re going to get real about making our world and its resources more sustainable, we need to change our priorities. This car-dominated system is corrupting our planet’s well-being and longevity. And, cars are only adding to our personal battles with obesity. Learn more.

While there are certainly people out there working to devise more environmentally friendly cars, the truth is, these won’t change the prolific occurrences of deadly accidents and treacherous traffic jams. The fact is, even a variety of reformed transportation choices won’t address all the various liabilities a bike can.

Cars are advertised as methods of getting out on the open road, but if we are honest, we mostly use them for errands. Many of these errands could be readily completed via bicycle. An average bicyclist can cover a mile in four minutes. So, why not consider replacing those shorter car trips with a ride on your bike even if the roads aren’t pedestrian or bicycle friendly? After all, cars are the greatest contributor to pollution, mile for mile. Read this.

Biking Helps Keep Us Active and Healthy

We aren’t the first ones to tell you that an active lifestyle promotes healthy living. If people started biking they would see drastic changes in their body’s appearance and overall function. Biking can help combat the sedentary lifestyle so many of us currently embrace. In the US, forty percent of adults are getting no exercise and that’s increasing the potential for heart disease, the number one killer in the nation.

HG Wells understood the value of this sustainable practice when he wrote that when he saw an adult on a bicycle he didn’t “despair for the future of the human race.” It’s time we see more people utilizing this life sustaining transportation method. Learn more about the value of bike riding here.