A pressure washer is very important both in a domestic and a commercial setting. It makes sure that the job gets done with ease. The pressure of the water can help in removing old stubborn layers of dirt. It is mostly used in thorough cleaning of exteriors. Pressure washing can be used as a preventive measure to prevent further damage of surfaces caused by external factors.

Pressure washing does not have to be necessarily high; it can be low pressure washing as well. Low pressure washing is where a pressure of less than 5000 psi is used and is mostly used for residential and home cleaning.  High pressure washing is whereby a pressure of more than 5000 psi is used and is mostly used for commercial purposes such as in factories and airport maintenance.

In choosing a pressure washer, there are things that you need to look out for to make sure that you have the right pressure washer. Some of the things to consider in choosing a pressure washer include:

Buying a Pressure Washer

Power source

Different pressure washers use different power sources. Some of the powers sources include:

Gas-powered: These are pressure washers that use gas as a source of power. They are the most powerful and the best pressure washers. Not only do they offer great power and mobility but they also have a great PSI and are clean.

Electric-corded: As the name suggests, they use electricity as a source of power.  They offer good power but their only problem is that they will give you the inconvenience of dealing with an extension cord.

Battery-powered: They don’t have as much power as the others since they rely on batteries and there is a chance of the battery running out of charge. As compared to the others, they are more portable.


The pressure in pressure washers is normally measured in PSIs (pounds per square inch). This is the power the water is using to come out of the washer. The higher the PSI numbers the more power the machine has and the better the job it will do.  The PSI will depend on what you want to use the washer for; commercial purposes require at least a PSI of 5000 and above. For home use the pressure washer can have as low psi as you wish but remember the higher the psi the better the job will get done.

Water consumption

This is the quantity of water coming out of the pressure washer. It is normally measured in GPM (gallons per minute). This is the amount of water coming out of the pressure washer. GPM works more or less like the PSI, the higher the number, the better the results it gives.  The water consumption of pressure washer can range from a low of 1.5 GPM and a high of 4.5 GPM or more.


If you are looking into buying a pressure washer it is better to do comparisons on different sites and get reviews. These pressure washer reviews will help you to get an insight on other peoples experience and know what to expect.