Hair removal can be quite a battle especially if you are short on time and have hair growing in all the…err… embarrassing places.  Removing unwanted hair often isn’t as easy as grabbing a razor and shaving.  Shaving frequently results in terrible razor burn, ingrown hairs and can increase hair growth rate and thickness.   Yes, shaving is one of the more sustainable hair removal methods because it is quick and affordable but definitely not suitable for all areas of your body.

Laser hair removal is a bit different.  The removal process might take a while longer but the end result is much longer lasting, smoother and when you remove hair through laser hair removal systems your hair grows back much thinner, lighter and softer – if it grows back at all.

laser hair removal

What exactly is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be done at a clinic or at home. The home kits aren’t as dangerous or effective as professional clinic laser hair removal but it is a much more affordable solution.  During the treatment a laser beam will pass over your skin to individual hair follicles.  The heat of the laser beam damages the hair follicle and prevents future hair growth or results in much thinner hair. Laser hair removal isn’t suitable for all skin types and different people will experience different results from the treatments.  Check out to learn more about laser hair removal, the best laser hair removal products as well as other hair removal treatments.

Why laser hair removal is more sustainable

All other hair removal methods including shaving, hair removal creams, plucking and more has only temporary result and you will start seeing and feeling regrowth within a day or two after shaving.   The result is constant shaving, everlasting investments in hair removal products and often terrible skin conditions.  Laser hair removal is a bit more expensive in the beginning but will have much better results in the long run.  This is because the laser beam damages your hair follicles so the hair will either grow back thinner or stop growing altogether.

When to consider laser hair removal

The treatment works on any part of the body and is perfectly suitable for simply removing hair from your legs.  These methods and gear can however be a bit on the expensive side which is why so many women prefer to focus on problem areas that causes self-consciousness.  The most common areas to receive laser hair therapy include the pubic area, bikini line, upper lip and more because laser hair removal can permanently reduce the appearance of hair.

Other benefits of laser hair removal

Surprisingly enough the benefits of laser hair removal doesn’t just end with less hair.  You also get some pretty fantastic side effects like the following;

  • The treatment can also improve your skin, especially if you have dark patches because the treatment helps clear these patches up.
  • After 3 – 8 laser hair removal sessions you might never have to shave again.