Sustainability has been a growing concern since the past decade. The natural resources that you once used for different purposes are now drying out, and there is nothing you can do. They will take hundreds of years to form again. Every technology now being produced is taking into account the sustainability it offers. How long will it last? Is it damaging the environment? These are some of the questions that come to your mind when you manufacture a product and when you consume it.

Top Sustainable Ways to Keep Yourself Warm in The Winters

Keeping your house warm in the winters is a necessity for all. It must be done but sustainably. Read a few thoughts on how to keep your house warm sustainably in the winters:

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal homes have heat pumps installed in them allowing you to maintain the temperature of your house by heating the underground water. The drawback is that this technology depends on where you live. In some areas, you cannot use geothermal power as the water levels are too below the ground. Moreover, they are a bit expensive to install, so you have to hire a professional who can get the work done correctly and quickly. The heat pumps can also be used as cooling pumps in the summer.

Heat Guns

Although heat guns cannot be used to warm up the whole house, they are an excellent way to keep one room or one particular area of the house, warm. They are also used by individuals when the temperature drops too low. You can find more information about heat guns on There are various types of heat guns, and over the years each model has been evaluated to identify which one is the most sustainable. The truth is that all the types of heat guns are viable because they make use of very less energy. The ones that run on electricity use only the most minimum amount. The ones that are run by gas save more energy than any other appliance. Furthermore, it is effortless to take care of a heat gun and maintain its original heat temperature. More details are given on the website. You should read it before you go and buy a heat gun.

Solar Energy

The sun is the ultimate object which allows people to use its renewable energy. In areas where you get a lot of sunlight and where the sun shines for more than twelve hours a day, solar energy is the best bet for you. The initial installation of the solar panel and the system can be a bit expensive, but in the long term, this is one of the cheapest ways to keep your house warm. Solar panels can be fitted anywhere in the house. The panels use no chemicals to capture the sun rays. They instead have a natural phenomenon which allows them to heat up your house. As technology has improved, you can now get different sizes of solar panels which can even be installed inside the house.


Still widely used in villages, biomass, is a way of heating homes with minimal release of carbon monoxide. Modern technology uses large systems which turn biomass heat into clean heat. Folks can save thousands of dollars by using biomass to warm their home because a small quantity of biomass burns for a long period and emits a high temperature of heat.

More than homes, schools are encouraged to install biomass systems as they will save a lot of energy and money. More information on biomass technology is available online. You should visit the companies that provide the systems and check them out before buying.

When you are looking for sustainable ways to stay warm during cold winters you have to find solutions that you can afford on a daily basis and that isn’t too labor intensive or uncomfortable so you won’t end up using these solutions or methods anyway.  Finding sustainable heating solutions can be tough because it is so hard to stay warm when the winter chill sets in without using too much electricity on electrical heating appliances.  The best ways to keep warm during winter affordably and easily is by doing home improvements that will naturally heat up your home because these types of upgrades are often permanent and doesn’t cost you that much on a daily basis.

Get goose down comforters

Goose down comforters are the ultimate luxury bedding that you can get for your home but these comforters have much more benefit than just luxury.  They are actually the best sustainable home improvements you can make because goose down feather naturally stabilizes your body temperature.  If it is cold, the goose down comforter will capture your body temperature and heat you up nice and snug without using any electricity.  When it is warm, the goose down comforter doesn’t heat up quite as much and you can still use the same comforter.  Goose down comforters is also lightweight and breathable which greatly improves sleep.

Sustainable Ways to Keep Warm during Winter

Insulate your home windows

Insulated windows are filled with pressured gas that keeps the cold from entering your home.  It might be a bit expensive to invest in insulated windows but in the end you will enjoy many benefits such as a quitter home in general and naturally warmer home.

Seal off drafts

Look for any drafts in your home and seal these areas off.  The most common home drafts are usually underneath home doors, between louvered windows and at windows that don’t seal shut.  You should also keep your homes windows and doors closed during winter times.

Look for fleece pajamas

Thin fleece blankets are often much warmer than those tick chunky blankets.  Look for fleece pajamas because these pajamas will keep you much warmer during the night and they are incredibly soft and snuggly which also improves your quality of sleep.

Consider a fireplace or wood stove

Fireplaces have gone out of fashion but are still one of the best ways to keep your house nice and snug especially if you can find a gas operated fireplace since these won’t consume much wood and won’t produce as much smoke. A wood stove is also a great alternative although they are quite tricky to keep clean.  Wood stoves can be used for cooking, water heating and for general home heating at the very same time and the wood or coal consumption basically adds up to much less electricity than you would have consumed by running a lot of heaters, stoves, kettles and other appliances.

Blanket up

Keep blankets everywhere in the house so everyone can snug up nice and warm no matter where they are.