Do you like the current look of your kitchen? Do you want to turn it into something that resembles Ree Drummond’s cooking space? Just one click can fulfill all of your décor fantasies, and all the credit goes to the internet. Try these few tips on for size when renovating your kitchen:

  1. Utilize the space wisely:

What’s the better way to use the space than to build an island? No, we are not talking about an actual island. Kitchen islands have been the trend for a while, and they are not going anywhere. From Martha Stewart to Chrissy Teigen, almost every celebrity chef has a kitchen island.

4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Up to Date

Not only this would be a chic addition to your current kitchen, but it would also add more life to it. The first step for renovation is that you should assess how much space you have and how you can utilize it. If your kitchen is lined with counters on the sides but has nothing in between then, a kitchen island would be the perfect addition for you.

Furthermore, you can also place chairs or wooden stools beside the island and make it a dining table. Adding cabinets above the windows for all the unused kitchen utensils is also a wise move.

  1. Let the sunshine in:

The idea of a dark and gloomy kitchen with just one window does not sit well with anyone. Plus, if you love cooking and spend most of your day in the kitchen then you need more light. While it is good to have an adequate number of overhead lights above your cooking space windows are also a vital part of a good kitchen. A window should be placed above the sink because nobody wants to stare at a wall while doing the dishes. Moreover, it does not hurt to have a scenery to look. Windows give the room a livelier look. Even if you are placing overhead light fixtures make sure that they are directly above the kitchen island and your countertops.

  1. Things to place on your countertops:

It is not necessary to put everything into cabinets. A clean countertop does sound sleek, but at the same time, it is too boring. Most of the time, it is nice to have things at hand. Let’s say you are making a curry, and for that, you need quite a few spices, wouldn’t it be tiresome to keep opening the spice cabinet again and again? We have a solution for that. Assign a small corner, preferably beside the stove, for spices. Fill a few mason jars with some organic spices and ta-da. If you cannot decide which spices would be the best suited for your kitchen then check out, where you can get all the necessary information on organic spices.

A splash of color is always a good thing. You can always hang a few bright colored plates and mugs on an empty kitchen wall. Place some Asian crockery on the shelves. Add a touch of green by putting a basil or parsley plant near the window, and you are good to go.

  1. Paint away:

Do you prefer neutral shades over bright colors? Is gray too dark for you? Which color should you paint the kitchen? The choice is yours. Color the kitchen any shade you like. If you love colors and believe that they lift up your mood, then you can add some warm shades to your kitchen. Colors like yellow brighten up space, red and burnt orange are also great options for kitchens.

According to color psychology, these colors positively affect the appetite. Shades of blue and gray have a soothing effect on a person’s mood, so if you prefer a more low-key outlook of your kitchen, then you can experiment with these shades too.