When looking for snow pants, the kind of pants you choose play a very big role. They are the ones that will influence how comfortable you will be and your experience of using the snow board. Not any kinds of pants can be used on snow boards and also you would not necessarily choose snowboard pants how you would choose normal pants. Since there are many snowboard pants in the market, you have to know what to look out for. Some of the things to keep in mind when looking for to end up with the best snowboard pants include:

How to Buy Sustainable Snowboard Pants


Just like you would look for the right fit when buying any other kind of pants, for a snowboard pant you also have to look for the right fit. Everyone has their own definition of a comfort fit and that is what they should keep that in mind.

Leg Lifters

Leg lifers come with so much convenience though they don’t come with all snowboard pants. Leg lifters will help to lift the lower part of the pants so that you don’t step on them.  It is therefore good to check for leg lifters when looking for a snowboard pant.


Most snowboard pants and ski pants come with gaiters which are found under the cuff on the pant leg. They are very useful as they help prevent snow from getting in your boots so that you may be comfortable while skiing. They also help protect your boots from damage by snow.


A good pant is one which has good breath ability. By that it will make sure that you have proper ventilation in that it can prevent you from being sweaty as it has the ability to let perspiration out. That will help to keep you comfortable while wearing it. The breathability will depend on the material used. Some materials are good at it more than others. Most snowboard pants will have venting panels within the inner thigh inseam so that you can be able unzip when you are too hot. Basically the venting panels are for heat control.


Since you are using the pants on a snowboard you definitely want something that has a waterproof material. Something that will soak in water will make you uncomfortable. When looking for snowboard pants look for one with a waterproof material and with a fully taped seal to help in keeping water out.


When snowboarding, some days are cooler than others and that affects the snowboarding experience. It is therefore good to also consider how warm the pant is. Different pants have different levels of insulation and thus you should check that and choose one you are comfortable with.

Style of the pant

Just like any other pant, snowboard pants come in different styles and hence it will depend on your taste and preference. As much as you want a pant that is good looking and is according to your style, you should make sure you don’t forget on other factors.