It seems like just about everything we do has some effect on the world.  Every time you switch on a light you consume some of the world’s coal resources. Every time you drive you use petroleum resources and pollute the air.  Everything we do affects the world in one way or another and in most cases, our activities leave behind a pretty big and messy carbon footprint.

But there are many things we can do to reduce the impact of our actions or to lighten our carbon footprint as much as possible.  It is also important for everyone to pitch in and do what they can so our world will stay healthy and green.

Moving is from one location to another is one of those unavoidable activities that results in plenty of pollution.  There are just so many things to throw away, the vehicle you use pollutes the air and consumes non-renewable resources and all the cleaning products you use while spring cleaning your new home contains plenty of harmful toxins.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce your impact on the world during a big move.

Green living tips for sustainable moving

Green living tips for sustainable moving

Use a moving company – Using a moving company is one of the most sustainable choices you can make for your big move. Companies like Umzugsfirma Bern transport all of your homeware in one trip which reduces pollution as well as fuel consumption.  These moving companies also frequently reuse packaging materials which reduce pollution and they know all the best ways to compact your cargo for fewer trips.

Use your linen for packaging – Don’t go and buy packaging boxes and materials.  Use your linen instead.  You can bundle tie up quite a lot of things in towels, sheets and in pillowcases and all of your linen will be perfectly fine for re-use after the trip.  You can also use blankets and comforters to secure break ware or to cover up delicate furniture instead of buying plastic bubble wrap.

Ask for old boxes – Don’t go and buy new boxes from moving companies or packaging supply stores.  Go to a local store and ask around for old boxes that you can use.  Plenty of cardboard boxes are tossed away on a daily basis by these big firms and these used boxes are perfectly suitable for your homeware.

Collect old newspapers – Instead of tossing your newspapers and magazines in the trash, collect them and ask around for more from others.  You can use these papers to wrap and secure break ware.  You can also fumble the papers up and use paper – a renewable source – instead of styrofoam pellets that can pollute landfills.

Limit driving trips – Keep your transportation or driving trips to a bare minimum by either renting a trailer for your homeware or by hiring a professional moving company.

Donate old things – Don’t just throw everything you don’t want in the trash.  Donate anything re-usable to charity homes.

Use natural cleaning products – Don’t use chemical cleaning products to clean out your old and new home.  Stick to all natural products that are eco-friendly so you won’t pollute the underground water supply.

There are some individuals that find moving as easy as they find it to head over to the grocery store.  They simply grab a few bags and off they go… They have minimalist gear to move around and most of the time they only move around from one furnished apartment to another depending on where their job takes them.  For the rest of us, moving is a nightmare!  There is so much stress and the work involved in moving is incredibly tedious.  Moving companies can save you a lot of time, stress and even money since you have a much lower chance of damaging your valuables when you use professional moving services.  A good moving company will do everything for you and some are even willing to box and unbox all of your stuff on your behalf.  The only difficult thing about moving companies is choosing the right service.  With the right moving company on your side you can enjoy a sustainable moving trip and you will establish the right trust in the moving company right from the start for a sustainable relationship.  Here are 7 questions you need to ask available moving companies before you make the final decision:

Choose a Sustainable Moving Company by Asking These 7 Questions

What insurance do they provide?

This should be the first question you ask.  Accidents happen all the time and there is always a chance that some of your furniture might get damaged during the move.  Find out if the company is willing to compensate you for any damages.

What services do they provide?

Find out exactly what services they provide.  A lot of moving companies offer added services like packing or unpacking and some of them include the full moving package in their prices complete with boxing and unboxing services.

What do they charge?

Moving companies will charge you based on the weight and number of stuff that you need to get moved and based on the distance.  It only makes sense since someone with just a few small pieces of furniture cannot pay as much as someone that is moving a large furnished home.

Types of moving?

The right experience can make a huge difference in the result of the move.  For example office movers are much better at handling expensive office gear like large printers than home movers because they know how to handle these delicate pieces.  Enquire about the type of moving services or rather experience the moving company has.

How many years of moving experience do they have?

The more experience the better.  Experienced movers just get everything done so much faster.

Can they handle your high tech gear?

High tech gear likes medical equipment, machinery or antiques are quite delicate and can be incredibly pricy to replace.  Enquire about their methods for handling high tech gear.

Ask about storage and warehousing

If you are quite certain that another big move is in the cards for you in the near future then you might want to enquire about storage and warehousing.  Getting stuff you don’t use daily stored away can save you a lot of money on future moving trips and you can save a lot of rent since you can get by with a much smaller apartment.

Moving is already known to be hard and complicated but it can become even harder when you have to move with kids. Kids will find it harder to accept the fact that they have to move especially if they call the place where you are living in now as their home.

Your kids can give you moral support if they are supportive about the move that you are going to take but if not, it can be highly problematic for them. Instead of them supporting you, you would have to support them on top of all the things that you have to do in order to make moving as simple and problem – free as you can.

If you are going to move from one long distance place to another, you may want to consider hiring the right long distance moving company to help you out. You can expect that this company will not only give you the help that you need in hauling your items from your old home to your new home, they will make sure that your items will arrive in their best conditions. No need to worry about your items being broken into pieces as they also offer insurance for the items that they are going to transport.

How to Sustain Moving with Kids

Here are some tips that will make moving with kids somewhat easier:

  1. Explain the reasons why you have to move.

You cannot just surprise your children and tell them that you are going to move without explaining why or even when. You have to explain the reasons why in words that they understand. There is a big possibility that they will be upset in the beginning but somehow, their understanding will make it easier for them to accept the move.

  1. Give them tasks to do.

Children would love to help out because they feel like they are more grown up when you give them unusual chores. Allow them to label their own moving boxes and help them when they pack. When they feel like you are there for them during this difficult time, they will accept the fact that you all have to move better.

  1. Pick the right time to move.

Moving your children in the middle of the school year will not be good for them as they will find it harder to adjust to their new environment and their new school. Moving the summer break can be easier as it will give your children a chance to get to know the new town well and become familiar with the surroundings before school starts.

  1. Show your children their rooms the moment that you arrive at your new home.

You need to show them why their new room is different from the one that they used to have. It may be bigger or it may have more windows. Try to point out the positive qualities of the new room. If children would love their new rooms, the move will be easier for them to take.

With all of this advice that you can take, moving with children may be more sustainable. Just remember that if in case your children have not fully adjusted yet, letting them speak with a counselor will also help.