There are many ways that people can make their homes sustainable without using up a lot of money like many people believe. Using the simple things around you is one way, instead of going for expensive options that can be found in several stores. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the tips to make your home more sustainable.

Manage the shading

During the summer, or when it is too hot, you might want to put shades over the windows to reduce the amount of heat entering the house. This would in turn reduce the cooling costs. It is said that heat can radiate up to 35% more in the house for every square meter of single glazing the sun directly shines on. This would be good for winter since it traps heat, but not ideal for the summer.

Control the thermostat

Controlling the thermostat is one of the best ways of controlling the heating and cooling system in the house, and it could save you a lot of money that would otherwise go into paying for energy bills, up to 10%. It is also very important for you to dress for the weather so that you don’t have to turn up the heating or cooling unnecessarily.

Do a bit of draft proofing

Sealing up places that are letting in cold air such as around the doors and windows can also help us save a lot. As much as 25% of heating and cooling energy can be lost through such places and it is important for us to do an annual checkup to ensure that they are secure.

Upgrade to LED lights

LED lights are more economical than the traditional lighting systems and it is therefore very important for us to upgrade to them. There are many free upgrade programs and it is important to see if there are any in your area.

Collect and reuse water

Water is something that we can’t live without and it is important for us to collect, recycle and reuse it as much as possible.

Grow your own fruit and vegetables

Having your own vegetable and fruit garden is another great way of saving money. These days, there are vertical gardens that people can take advantage of since they don’t use up a lot of space.

Making Your Home More Sustainable

Making Your Home More Sustainable

Panda Condos

We are now going to do a review of a real estate development project, Panda Condos, a development by Lifetime Developments. This development is located near the Yonge Street/Dundas Street West and Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, and it will consist of a proposed 30 storey high-rise building with 572 dwelling units. the building has been designed by Architects Alliance, the interior design by the award-winning Cecconi Simone. Completed in 2022, the building will have a range of unit types consisting of studios, 1 Bedroom (plus den), 2 Bedrooms (plus den), and 3 Bedrooms (plus den), with the prices of the properties ranging from $400,000’s CAD.

Features and Amenities

  • Vibrant arts scene
  • Many amenities around the development
  • Resort-style spa
  • Highly trained concierge staff 24 hours a day
  • Security
  • Grand two storey chic lobby with fireplace lounge
  • Ground floor retreat with fireplace
  • Fitness facility with a fully equipped gym and cardio machines, weight room, yoga and pilates
  • Guest suites for overnight visitors

There are many more features and amenities on offer at the residential development, and in order for one to qualify as a buyer, all that they have to do is to register for more information. Buying preconstruction condos comes with more attractive rates. Prior to the opening day, the prices are bound to go up by up to $20,000.


Investing in a home is something that is very important, and once you have purchased it, it is also important to make it as sustainable as possible. The earlier that you invest into the Panda Condos, the higher the advantage that you have pricewise. You get to pick the unit levels, floor plans, lowest prices, as well as access to incentives and promotions.