Sustainable living is the way to go for the good of our world. We all try to keep the carbon footprint at a minimum, whether it is in our homes, or at the workplace, and there are many ways that we can do this. In this article, we are going to feature dogs, and are going to discuss the top tips for raising pets in a sustainable way.

Top Tips for Raising Your Pet in a Sustainable Way

Get your pet from a shelter or rescue

The first step is to look for a pet that actually needs help, and these are usually found in pet shelters. This is more sustainable than purchasing one from a breeder, and according to the CDC, pets that are imported have an increased footprint, and they raise issues of transporting illnesses from where they came. As is the case, many breeders usually import pets, and that is why it would be more sustainable to steer away from them.

Spay or neuter your pet

It so happens that there are so many pets that don’t have people to care for them, such that 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every single year, according to the ASPCA. We should therefore try and keep down the population by spraying or neutering the animals. There are many affordable services, and some even free.

Don’t overfeed your pet

When pet food is produced, there is quite a large carbon footprint, and this could put the pets at risk. This is especially for those that are carnivorous like cats and dogs, which get high protein diets. You need to regulate their meals, and besides, overweight pets tend to be unhealthy.

PetGear Double Pet Stroller Review

Above, we have looked at some of the ways that you can raise your pets sustainably. Still on the subject of pets, we understand how dear they are to you, and that is why we would like to review the PetGear double pet stroller. This is a great double pet stroller that consists of a spacious and comfortable carriage that doesn’t come with a zip. This means that it can be opened hustle free to give you access to your pet. It also features quick-release air tires that ensure the smoothest ride possible, as well as a plush bolster pad and weather cover for a comfortable environment, even in bad weather. It also features a paw rest, and the pet can easily look out of the stroller using the front bar for support. It has a panoramic view from inside, while outside it comes with a cup holder, large storage basket, one hand easy-fold mechanism and ergonomic handle.


  • Easy-Locking NO-ZIP entry; plush bolster pad included
  • Extra-wide carriage provides a spacious and comfortable ride; two interior safety tethers included
  • 12″ Quick-release air tires with included air pump; quick-locking rear foot brake
  • 600 Denier water-resistant material; included weather cover provides protection from elements
  • 90-pound capacity


  • Crosses bumpy trails and even small creek beds with ease
  • Very roomy
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Has a foot brake
  • Can carry multiple pets


  • Some claim some parts missing
  • Some claim that it is heavy and cumbersome
  • For one, the front wheel wasn’t locked


It is very important for us to treat our pets in a sustainable way, as this is useful to both the pets, and to ourselves. Also being that we love taking our pets around with us, you might want to consider getting yourself the PetGear double pet stroller reviewed above.