People exchange gifts on different occasions that, most of the times, are left unused or tossed aside after using just once or twice. And, this adds to the pile of waste we have been creating for so long. This is the time that you become little creative and think of something out of the box. There are entrepreneurs who produce incredible stuff with the recycled and sustainable material. Why don’t you try buying something our earth can appreciate?

Places Where You Can Buy Stylish Yet Sustainable Presents!

Places Where You Can Buy Stylish Yet Sustainable Presents!

These companies are making efforts to make their manufacturing more eco-friendly products:

Rare form:

This is LA-based Company that makes backpacks out of billboards. The company collects the billboard vinyl from all over the country and use it in making of stylish backpacks, totes, weekend bags, surf bags, laptops, and phone cases. They utilize about 20,000 pounds of billboard material every month to create this amazing stuff. These bags are durable and waterproof. This act is keeping a substantial amount of vinyl out of landfills. They have a warehouse in LA where they hand-cut the billboard ads to create new bag designs out of them. The items they are really useful that can be considered for giving as a present.


They have a vast range of eco-friendly products. Almost every product is made of recycled material. They are popular for the winter staples which are trendy and eco-friendly. They have targeted both dwellers and outdoorsmen. They manufacture the shirts with recycled polyester, designed for both men and women. They strip and clean Post-consumer down comforters and pillows to make the new garments. They have these wonderful hoodies that keep you warm and bock rain and wind. These might work on any of the occasions to give as a gift.

Osom brand:

They use clothing and textile waste to make socks. They collect the textile waste, break it down, and re-spun into new yarn. They create a variety of socks with this. You would find socks with fun prints as well as thicker and warmers pairs for hikers and runners. Plus, they don’t use water or dyes. Its fabric is repurposed as it is. Their factories are solar powered and working conditions are fair.


This company makes yoga mates out if recycled plastic bottles. This is an ideal gift for your yoga fanatic friend. Make it more natural by being mindful of the earth.

Modern Map Art:

The product they are offering might leave you in surprise in terms of being sustainable. However, you wouldn’t have to toss this map art in waste as you can keep it forever to remember a special day of your life. This is a star map which shows how the sky looked like on a certain date. They do it with the help of detailed star database that has thousands of stars. You can find out how the sky looked like when it was your wedding day, engagement day, or the day your kid was born.

This is a magnificent gift you can give to your partner or some special friend. They create it on a very fine quality canvas or paper. You can personalize the frame according to your choice.

Also, you can have writing of your own choice on it. There are sample pictures on the website if you want to know how a star map looks like. There are no any delivery charges and you have your piece delivered in almost no time. When nothing else is working, a star map can be a hit. Do you want to create your map? Try it here.