2018 is the perfect time to reinvent your eating habits.  It is time to make away with unhealthy eating and to start following a healthier diet.  But while you are adopting a healthier diet you should also be careful to follow a diet that is also sustainable.

A good sustainable diet has low environmental impacts and promotes food and nutrition quality so future generations can also eat healthy one day.  It is no secret that modern foods are greatly boosted with all sorts of boosters and pesticides that affect our health negatively.  If this trend continues then future generations are bound to be a lot unhealthier.  If more people started focusing on healthy and sustainable eating habits our ecosystem and biodiversity would greatly be boosted, food’s quality and nutritional value would increase and people would become healthier in general.

How to Start Following a Healthy and Sustainable Diet

How to Start Following a Healthy and Sustainable Diet

How to start eating sustainably and healthier

WWF Livewell has a principle of healthy low carbon eating and his principle includes the following steps;

Eat more plants – Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially raw fruits and vegetables.

Don’t waste food – The average person wastes about 30% of the purchased food.

Reduce meat intake – Meats should be a tasty supplement and shouldn’t be the center of the meal.

Reduce processed food intake – These foods often contain much more unhealthy ingredients like fat, sugar, and salt and their processing often has tremendous environmental effects, especially during packaging.

Buy certified – Invests in foods that are credible.

A few more tips to eat more sustainably

Eat less but better quality meats and diary – It is good to reduce your dairy and meat intake but while you are reducing it you should also keep your body healthy.  Eat higher quality meats and dairy products and enjoy a healthier body.

Buy local – It is much better to buy local.  The carbon impact on local food is much lower since the transportation journey is shorter.

Eat organic – Focus on organic food.  If there is a greater demand for organic food, more farmers will start producing organically.

Grow your own – Fresh out of the garden is always healthier and you also reduce the carbon footprint in the world with more plants in your garden.

The right kitchen gear can help

As you scan through these tips you will quickly note that it is going to be quite a challenge to eat sustainably.  Producing your own foods and focusing on fresh fruits and veggies as well as unprocessed foods means a lot more work on your side with regards to food preparation.  It is, however, worth every bit effort if you consider the present condition of our beautiful earth.  The right type of kitchen appliances can also boost your sustainability and ability to eat healthy because you will be able to process foods so much faster.  One of the best kitchen appliances to check out right now is a stand mixer.  There are quite a few types of stand mixers and all of them are absolutely glorious in the kitchen.  Stand mixers don’t consume a lot of power and they can be used to create all sorts of meals and are especially handy for baking.

With the right appliance and the right mindset it becomes a lot easier to live and eat healthy and sustainably and to keep our world just a little bit healthier for generations to come.

Do you want to lose a few pounds?  Well the biggest mistake that you can make is to follow a strict diet that you cannot maintain.  Diets are fantastic for shaking those pounds but the downside of a diet is that the moment you return to normal eating habits your weight quickly escalades and you could end up being even more obese than before. Is your only option for good weight to be on a strict diet for the rest of your life?  Well, not if you follow a sustainable diet.  When you are looking for a sustainable healthy eating solution then you have to consider a diet that fulfills all of your needs including the following. 

Nutrition – Your diet should include all the fibers, minerals, vitamins and oils your body need. 

Fulfilling – No one is going to stick to a diet for the rest of their lives if they always feel hungry 

Affordability – Diets can be incredibly expensive.  You need a solution that won’t leave you broke. 

Energy – You shouldn’t follow a diet that doesn’t leave you without any energy. 

Freedom to cheat – Everyone wants to enjoy an occasional snack and your diet should include freedom for this. 

Result – Your diet should give you good health and weight balance results without having to spend more than 45 minutes on working out.

A Juicer Is a Must for Sustainable Dieting

How a juicer will help you develop a sustainable diet

One of the best utensils that you can invest in for sustainable health and weight balance is a juicer and the main reason for this is because juicers enable you to create health beverages and snacks affordably and more importantly quickly.  When you enjoy a daily juice meal you get all the nutrition you need since the right juice recipe will contain all the vitamins, minerals and fibers you need, you will feel full and energized and you will get good results by replacing certain meals and beverages with health juices.  A juice diet is the ultimate sustainable diet that you can easily follow for the rest of your life.

Shop a great multifunction juicer

Juicer Cruiser is the best review site you can check out for all the best juicers on the market.  One of the top juicers to consider for sustainable health is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center.  This fantastic juicer enable you to create all types of juicers and soups since it also liquefies veggies but what makes this the ultimate juicer for sustainable health is the fact that you can also create nut butters, sorbets, salsas and even pasta which will enable you to create ultimately healthy foods affordably from the comfort of your home.

Juicers also improves your general health

Juice diets are not just great for sustainable weight balance but also boosts your overall health because the healthier foods and beverages also boosts your immune system, energizes your body and hydrates you all of which contributes to an overall healthier body, healthier immune system and enables you to stay younger looking for much longer.