If you were to think about a more sustainable, in the sense of eco-friendliness, kitchen, you would probably think about a kitchen that is stocked with fruits and vegetables. You wouldn’t be completely wrong, however, you can take a more sustainable approach to your actual kitchen. Think about the size, equipment you use, and your experience of the kitchen. How do you make that more sustainable?

3 Ways to Have a More Sustainable Kitchen

Start with a stove

Whether you go for electric or gas, your stove is probably one of the main sources in the kitchen where you can waste a lot of energy. Gas is made from fossil fuels whereas coal is typically used for electricity. So you are kind of in a crunch. We would recommend going with an electric stove. There aren’t alternative, green, sources for gas but there is for electricity. You can use renewable energy, solar or wind, to generate electricity for your stove. It may be a heavy investment at first, but in the long run, you will end up saving a lot of money and making your contribution to a cleaner environment.

Cook more efficiently

If you think about, the less time you spend in the kitchen, the more efficient your cooking is. Reason being, the faster you get your meal ready, the less electricity or gas you end up using. A great way to cook more efficiently is by using a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker generally uses 40% less electricity and can reduce cooking time anywhere from 60-70%. That is a lot of time you end up saving. If you aren’t sure which pressure cooker to go with, you can choose one from these best pressure cookers.

Get the right appliances.

You can’t just cook on a stove or a pressure cooker, you need numerous different appliances to prep your food for cooking. You can’t really do without them so rather than getting rid of them, shop smartly. Get appliances that have the Energy Star rating. This will ensure that the appliances comply with energy regulations and don’t use excess energy when you decide to fire them up.

Sustainable living is something that has become quite the topic in the past decade or so. With global warming occurring around the world, it is important that we take the smallest of measure to reduce our carbon footprint in the world. These steps may not seem huge, but they do make a major impact in the long run.

Do you want to play your part in making your kitchen greener and more sustainable? Here are some things you can do to contribute at your end!

TIP 1: Pay attention to your appliances

One reason that it’s so natural to have an impactful effect on the general sustainability of your kitchen is that some of your home’s biggest appliances are situated there. Here are a couple of speedy tips to guarantee that you’re getting the most out your kitchen apparatuses and using them in the most sustainable way possible:


In spite of what may appear like the intelligent decision, utilizing a dishwasher (particularly an Energy Star-appraised one) has been appeared to be more sustainable than handwashing – as long as you take after a couple of guidelines. To start with, ensure that you just run the dishwasher when it’s full. On the off chance that you’ve just got one plate or a couple of forks in there, it’s probably going to save more water to wash those by hand. Furthermore, don’t pre-wash your dishes in the sink. Next, unless you for reasons unknown want exceptionally hot plates, utilize the air-dry setting rather than the warmed setting to eliminate the power utilized as a part of each run. Ultimately, while we as a rule support repair over replacement, if your dishwasher is over 10 years of age, it’s in all likelihood best that you move up to an Energy Star one.

Tips for a Sustainable Kitchen


Regardless of the possibility that you made a special effort to buy an energy efficient refrigerator, you may be compromising your choice by not utilizing it properly. One regular oversight is setting the temperature too low. You can check your proprietor’s manual to decide the ideal temperature run (as a rule around 36°-38°F), yet in the event that you see that some of your sustenance is super cool or even solidified, you should turn your temp down a bit. Keep in mind that for each degree beneath 38°F, your unit devours 5% more energy; so in the event that you have it set to 36°F now and it’s excessively chilly, consider raising it a couple of degrees. Another simple tip is to utilize glass tupperware. Glass is not only more durable than plastic, yet it additionally gives a superior layer of protection that keeps sustenance and refreshments colder.

As far as kitchen cabinets are concerned, your best option is to get custom kitchen cabinets Perth as not only are they durable and reliable but also sustainable. You don’t need to worry about the quality and neither about the purchase putting a dent in your wallet. Eco Cabinets ensure that they deliver the best, and they can put together custom cabinets according to your requirements – and this is the part where sustainability comes in.

TIP 2: Ensure that your cookware is eco-friendly and safe

We may know Teflon as a modern brand yet it has been connected to both elevated cholesterol and cancer, we’d say all that needs to be said to stay away and go for more safe non-stick cookware choices like all-clad aluminum. Numerous expert gourmet experts are additionally known to support outdated cast press cookware for the great burn and flavor it confers and it has even been believed to be better for our health since it might transfer iron into our diets through the food that is cooked in it.