“Happily ever after” is a fascinating end of a story but unfortunately such stories do not happen to be true for every individual!

It is said that 40% of newlywed couples end up with divorce. Relationships are not always easy. Yes, love is the base of every relationship, but there come lots of other things as well that matter for healthy and sustainable relationships. Ups and downs are inevitable there. However, partners need to be committed to getting through all the differences.

Following tips would help you create a strong foundation and healthy relationship.

Tips for Building Healthy and Sustainable Relationships

Focus on mutual respect:

Mutual respect in a relationship is vital to build a strong foundation. This later helps you resolve your issues. Focus on the positive traits of your partner and don’t think much about what you do not like. Keeping the negatives fresh in mind worsen the situation instead to removing the differences. Showing respect for your loved one also involves keeping yourself miles away from bashing. Both the partners should learn to tolerate the negatives or respond with kind words. If one is angry, the other should stay calm.

Meet each other’s needs:

Two individuals have their own distinct needs and man, it gets difficult sometimes, in a relationship, to fulfill each other’s needs. The grounds of the failure could be the one being unaware of what other wants. Likewise, there is a possibility that you fail to recognize your own needs. Try to understand what your companion want.

Do not create an environment where there is the only one who gives, and the other just takes. Keep the balance because this cannot work for a lifetime. Ask yourself if you are giving enough to your partner.

Fight fair:

There would be no relationship where arguments do not spring up. This happens even in the best relationships. The arguments should be constructive that does not end with grudges. Impart the skill of having an effective discussion in yourself. The relationship has the likelihood to grow long term when you healthily resolve the conflicts.

Moreover, it is necessary that you can realize your mistakes. Be quick to apologize for your mistakes as holding on to the grudges would not help you make things up. Apologising even when you are not wrong can make the things move in a right way.

Let the therapists help you:

Sometimes relationships do not seem to work out even after so much struggle; this is where therapists can help you deal with it. Do not conclude so fast because the outcomes can be drastic. Likewise, ending the relationship is not always the solution.

Give a chance to counselling bc as there are exceptionally experienced therapist and counselors out there who work with you and your partner as a team. They would make you learn how you can make the things work. They offer online counseling through skype and google for your convenience as well. Sustainable relationships are important not only for you but your whole family.  You can go to www.steadfastcounselling.com to find the appropriate counselling for you.

Maintain closeness:

Closeness does not just happen; you need to work on it. Give your as much time as possible to your partner, share everything, listen and understand what other is saying, and be responsive. You need to make your partner feel that you are with him/her in every walk of life. The next person is more likely to respond positively when he/she feels the importance.