When it comes to sustainability, we usually believe that it can only be achieved by collective efforts. Therefore, what tends to happen is that we do not pay attention to our individual efforts for our environment. We choose to neglect the carbon footprint we leave behind. As humans, it is our personal duty to work for the sustainability of our environment and our planet. The question is where do we start? We are all aware of the phrase “Charity begins at home”. You do not only have to work at a higher level to ensure a greener planet. You can start with a few basic things at home. It will not only put your mind at ease but will inspire others around you to follow your lead.

Replacing everyday gadgets with ones that are greener and leave a smaller carbon footprint is the first step. It will mark a beginning towards your goal of a sustainable house and your conscience will be happy with the results.

Sustainable Must Buy Items for Your Home

Sustainable Must Buy Items for Your Home

Don’t know which gadgets to buy? Here are a few basic items you can easily buy:

Solar Cookers:

The Sun is the energy that drives our planet and gives it life. It is one of the greenest and sustainable energy sources available. Solar cookers are a must-have for those who wish to reduce the carbon emitted from smokes. Solar cookers or ovens are affordable, environment-friendly as well as easy to use. Most of them are made of glass and metal and use no electricity or gas. They use the power of the sun to cook the food. You can make it yourself as well, all it requires is cardboard, foil and a pot. On the other hand, you can choose one of the various brands available in the market. There are also Lighter packs available that do not use volatile organic compounds to light charcoal and thus reduce the overall impact.

A Compost Bin:

A Compost Bin is one of the most popular ways to go green. It will not only keep the planet healthy, it saves you a few bucks as well. All you have to do is put your leftover food, peels, nutshells, seeds or any other organic item into a bin. Bacteria start growing in the bin and soon all the organic stuff will be decomposing. This will bring out several nutrients from the food. These nutrients are essential for the growth of plants and trees. You can use the compost to grow your own garden. Doing that would save you the cost of fertilizers. You can even sell the compost at a low cost to your neighbors. This might even encourage them to start their own compost bin. The compost bin will take care of your leftovers; help you grow a garden all at no cost.

A Sustainable Thermometer:

Thermometers are a staple in every household’s first aid kit. They support you to keep your body temperature under control. You do not want to go rushing to a doctor to check if you are running a fever. Mercury Thermometers can be extremely dangerous, especially when used on children. They are fragile as well and if broken, the mercury can be harmful to the environment as well because the particles tend to be dispersed in the air. The Ankovo Digital Thermometer is an innovative gadget designed to be sustainable and accurate. You can read about the Ankovo Thermometer Review at ThermometersHQ.com. They go into depth about why this thermometer will suit you best. The site embraces the fine points, specifications, and the uses of the thermometer. Therefore, ditch those mercury thermometers and stock up on some more sustainable ones.