The image of joy on the faces of your kids as they rip open the carefully wrapped paper to reveal their favorite toys is unbeatable. The look of pure joy and gratefulness they show you before they hurry along to play with their new toys warms your heart and makes you happy as well. We love buying them a miniature sports car or a dollhouse. However, do we ever really think about the consequences? In trying to make our kids happy, we upset our planet.

Most of the plastic used in the toys are harmful to the planet and is generally non-recyclable. The materials are made by exploiting materials whose manufacturing releases various toxic chemicals. These chemicals damage the ozone layer and are a direct cause of global warming.

You need to ensure your toys are made of sustainable materials, which can be recycled easily and their manufacturing cause no toxic gases to be released. This will ultimately result in a happier, greener Earth!

Sustainable Toys to Gift Your Kids on Special Occasions

Sustainable Toys to Gift Your Kids on Special Occasions

Here are a few toys that are sustainable and will make a great gift for your kids:

A Wishbone Bike:

Bikes are a must have for every young child out there! To pedal along the streets to catch the ice-cream van or to go ahead at full speed or just race in the backyard with your friends is what every child’s dreams are made of! However, as kids grow up from toddlers to pre-teens, they require a new bike to compete with their growing frame. More products you buy the bigger carbon footprint, you leave behind. The Wishbone bike is the best bike when it comes to sustainability. The Bike can be transformed to three different sizes. Starting from riding a small trike it can easily be converted to a small running bike and then into a tall bike suitable for pre-teen kids. The Wishbone bike is made of durable and recyclable plastic, which makes these toys one of the best sustainable gifts.

Green Dollhouse:

The dollhouse is a popular toy amongst most girls. Your daughter will instantly become the source of every other girl’s envy if you buy her a dollhouse. A dollhouse lets the imagination lose! It encourages young girls to tackle everyday life in a manner they understand best.

However, most of these dollhouses are big and so; require a lot of plastic to make. This plastic is hazardous to the planet. Green dollhouses are specifically designed to reduce the carbon offset and made with recyclable plastic.

Lego Blocks:

It might come to you as a surprise, the plastic used in Lego blocks is sustainable. ABS plastic is used in Lego blocks, which is a thermosetting plastic. Thermosetting plastics are easy to recycle and remold.

Years back it was pointed out to the Lego company that their toys and blocks were harming the environment and so the company started shouldering the responsibility to make their products more sustainable. They have established a Lego’s Sustainable Material Centre, which dishes out sustainable material to be used in the popular Lego blocks. Therefore, you can easily gift your child a Lego bucket without worrying about its consequences on the environment.

If you are worried about what kind of Lego set to buy for your kid or even your friend who is an adult, you can look up The website features everything there is to know about Lego blocks including the history, source and the basics of Lego Blocks. The site features exclusive guides and unique series launched by the Lego Company such as the Architecture, Clones or Mindstorms series. It includes a special section for Lego video games as well. A great website to get in touch with your inner child.