Is it better to start off with a low paying sustainable job and work your way up the corporate ladder or is it perhaps better to go for an incredibly lucrative but unsustainable job while you are young so you can save up for studies and a more sustainable future?  More and more young people are starting to believe that it is much better to get paid a lot while young and work on another career on the sideline than it is to start off in a low position in the career path that you want to follow one day because more money means a much quicker financial rise.   Unattainable careers are starting to result in a much more sustainable future for many more people thanks to technology and greater acceptance towards some jobs. But are these types of jobs worth the work and more importantly the image you create for yourself? Well, let’s first take a look at the highest paying unsustainable careers and find out.

Unsustainable Careers That Is Incredibly Lucrative

Sugar baby jobs

More and more sugar daddy sites are starting to show up everywhere because more women seems to be interested in doing ‘dating services’ in exchange for money and royal treatment.  While you probably cannot do this job very long and need good looks to do this type of job it pays surprisingly well and is mostly quite easy sine most sugar babies only work during evenings and enjoy plenty of off days in between dates.  Sugar baby jobs are perfect for young women that are in need of cash to help them cover study fees.

Stripper jobs

Strippers earn surprisingly much in an evening.  There are only three major catches.  You have to be young and beautiful, you have to have terrific dancing skills and you have to be willing to take your clothes off in front of complete strangers. But there are also some great benefits such as the convenience of being off during week days, lots of cash, no long term agreements and a great workout session each and every night you perform.


Modeling is also a lucrative job that most women can only do while in their teens or young twenties.  Modeling cans however open a lot of doors for you in the fashion and jewelry industry should that be the career path of your choice in the future.

Sperm or egg donor

It seems almost wrong to charge for something that so many people are physically incapable of having but donating your sperm or eggs can earn you good cash especially for women since there are so few egg donors in the world and if you are being paid to help others then why not.

Voice over worker

With the increased popularity of podcasts, Whatsapp voice messages and video advertising, more and more companies are willing to pay a lot for professional voice over workers.  This type of job requires little investment since the software and recording gear isn’t all that expensive and very little training.