Maintaining an environmentally safe and healthy lifestyle seems like a challenge to most people. Too many are focused on the consumerism that is part of our daily media dosage. However, there are those of us who desire to find new ways to support our sustainable living goals. Some of us are natural DIYers and others need a little help.

If you have ever dabbled in the world of woodworking, for instance, you have been inundated with significant amounts of creative ventures. Perhaps you noticed the need for a reciprocating saw so that you could create some pallet furniture. No doubt that drove you to explore  While there, you learned how reciprocal saws can make your wood furniture dreams a reality as well as which ones work best for your project endeavors.

But, what if we could take a break from the upcycle, recycle, pallet frenzy that was 2017? Perhaps then we could find some other wood projects that create new and exciting décor amidst our sustainable living dwellings. That’s where wooden crates come in.

5 Wooden Crate Ideas that Support Sustainable Living Goals

5 Wooden Crate Ideas that Support Sustainable Living Goals

Decorating with Wooden Crates

Local produce markets often sell the wooden crates that their produce is shipped in. And, many even give them away. You cannot possibly imagine all the cool stuff you can do with these recycled, vintage-looking creations. But, good thing for you, we can! You can have sustainable décor and storage in one fell swoop with the following 5 ideas:

  1. Exterior Storage– We’ve all got exterior areas that are in desperate need of organization and beautification. Amazingly, these wooden crates we’re talking about have the ability to improve with age. The elements will have an effect, but in most situations (unless left directly out in the rain), these atmospheric events will only serve to add more raw, vintage beauty to the crates. Stack them in various directions to create your own outdoor storage unit.
  2. Living Room Storage Box- If you’ve been looking for that perfect place to store your magazines, this is the idea for you. All you have to do is add some handles and stain the crate. This gives it an elegant and expensive look. Only you’ll know how little it cost!
  3. Printed Wall Shelves– We personally love the charcoal transfer method when it comes to imprinting something on wood. And, you can learn all about that here. But the concept allows you to use the crates as shelving units on your wall while also displaying your own personally chosen messages.
  4. Unique desk– With the support of a couple of crates, you can upcycle an old wood door to give you a massive amount of desk space. Or, if you have some old boards handy, you can lay them across the crates. And, two crates on top of one another generally makes for the perfect height! Add some more crates to the top of the desk for additional storage. Read more about desk ideas.
  5. Crate cabinet– Turn a crate on its side and add some legs (which you can upcycle/recycle from old worn out wood furniture). Then, cut the bottom off another crate to create a door. Add a knob and hinges and you’ve got a super cute rustic cabinet. White wash it for that extra appeal.

There are so many great ideas available to you. Feel free to learn more by clicking this.